Angus Nelson

Helping Others Without Leaving Yourself with Angus Nelson

Finding Self Through Service Angus Nelson is the ultimate “people guy” who enjoys helping people strategize ways of getting from where they are to where they want to be. An engaging consultant, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach, he’s the former head of Member Success at...

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Mia Vos Bryan Kramer Show Podcast

What it Takes to be a Luxury Travel Ambassador with Mia Voss

Living Life on the Go Travel & Lifestyle Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Expert Interviewer, YouTube Host; Mia Voss is the ultimate traveler & people connector. She’s currently working with brands such as Lexus, Toyota,  Mitsubishi, Mazda and more. Her engaging &...

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shawn pfunder

How to Tell Your Personal Story with Shawn Pfunder

What It Means To Be Creative Shawn has been working with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners for more than 20 years on capturing their unique creativity and sharing it through storytelling. He’s consulted companies large and small on communication, social media, and...

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Investing in the Future of Humanity With Ted Turner

The Ultimate Philanthropist A man with unprecedented business savvy, Ted Turner is an American media mogul and philanthropist. He is perhaps best known for founding CNN and Turner Classic Movies and his $1 billion pledge to the United Nations. The aggressive billionaire built a...

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melissa dinwiddie

How to Find Your Creative Center With Melissa Dinwiddie

The Creative Sandbox Melissa Dinwiddie is an artist, speaker, performer, author, creativity instigator, former “non-creative person”, and recovering perfectionist. She helps people take the fear out of their creativity and bring back joy and excitement that reclaims their innate...

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Launching to Success with Michael Stelzner

  3… 2… 1… Success. Michael Stelzner is the creative founder of Social Media Examiner — a popular online magazine that helps businesses answer social media questions with useful ‘how to’ articles, in-depth case studies, expert interviews, and original...

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jairek robbins

Achieving Success While Living With Purpose With Jairek Robbins

Learn it. Live it. Give it. Jairek Robbins is a man on a mission that is focused on developing creative solutions for accelerating results. He is a decorated performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has applied his innovative methods to living a life of adventure, philanthropy,...

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BK Show Jay Acunzo

Rejecting Conventional Thinking with Jay Acunzo

Embracing Quirks and White Noise Jay Acunzo is the world’s most passionate craft-driven marketer and a highly sought after keynote speaker. Today, he makes things to help makers at NextView Ventures as VP of Platform (content and other resources for startups) and as creator and host...

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Writing Without Bullshit with Josh Bernoff

Cut the Crap Josh Bernoff is on a mission to rid the world of bullshit in business writing. Since leaving his job as a Senior Vice President for Idea Development and Analyst at Forrester Research, where he worked for 20 years, Josh has been calling out bullshit in writing on an almost...

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Success Through Perfectly Flawed Presentations with Tamsen Webster

It’s Not About Perfection Tamsen Webster is a messaging consultant that has been described as a master chef whose ingredients are words, stories, and emotions. Part “idea whisperer,” part message strategist, and part presentation coach, Tamsen helps organizations like Disney,...

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Staying Above the Noise With Carrie Morgan

Pausing For Conversions Top 1% influencer Carrie Morgan is a digital public relations professional who specializes in digital PR – the intersection of public relations, content marketing, social media and SEO. When she isn’t wrangling journalists, herding cats, and putting out...

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How Creating Content Got Me a Job on Broadway with Marc Ensign

Practice Makes Perfect Marc Ensign is a digital marketing strategist, keynote speaker, published author, and entrepreneur. He is on a mission to connect the world with those who want to change it by helping mission driven leaders build businesses that matter. Before all of this, he is a...

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