guerrilla marketing

How Guerrilla Marketing Evens the Marketing Playing Field

With all the other challenges you have to face, how do you, as a start-up company, survive and compete with the big giants? Guerrilla marketing offers organizations at the early stage of their business development, basic but highly targeted strategies that won’t take much of their financial...

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Ecosystem mapping

Ecosystem Mapping – Where are my people?

Your customers are your most valuable assets as they are the ones who ultimately bring in financial gains for the company. But what is the most effective way of attracting your target customers and actually making them a huge part of your success? Community building offers a natural way of reeling...

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remain human in high stakes business

How to Remain Human in High Stakes Business Negotiations

Not everyone seems to be gifted in the delicate art of negotiation despite its undeniable importance in business and daily living. High stakes business negotiations, in particular, can be very tricky and you cannot rely on the usual strategies to get you through a successful negotiation. By tapping...

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Lynn Abate-Johnson

How to Keep Your Best Clients Happy with Lynn Abate-Johnson

Keeping clients happy is a huge challenge, what with their changing needs and seemingly short attention span. As such, it is wise to start with an assessment as to how satisfied they are in the first place so you know whether they are happy or not with the way you do business. Referrals is a good...

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Jessika Phillips

How to Attract the Clients You Want with Jessika Phillips

It’s easy to think that you have to lure any and all sorts of clients to your company. However, this can result to marketing Magnet marketing is about relationship marketing because it is only in this way that you will get to attract the clients that you actually need to grow as a company....

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Friction: It’s All That Matters

A typical ad agency or any other organization or brand usually has its own campaigns in mind. However, this often comes into friction with what clients or customers are looking for. As a result, a company’s marketing efforts becomes a complete waste of time for customers as they find it...

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How to Win on the SEO Battlefield with @Annebot

Search engine optimization or SEO is the goal of every individual, company, or organization aiming to stay on top. However, staying on top of the page is a real challenge when true SEO knowledge is scarce and when the rules seem to change every so often. One day, you just might find yourself at the...

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Delivering Human and Intuitive Experiences with @Ekaterina

Most companies and brands recognize the importance of making their customers their top priority. Some even make it a part of their trademark or tagline and openly claim to be customer-focused. However, making it a reality is another story. Because brands also want to push for their needs and wants...

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Learn Why Webinars are Still a Huge Thing with @Jon_Schumacher

Webinars are modern-day web versions of typical seminars in which a speaker is able to interact with an audience and learn from each other, live online. As such, they are great, highly flexible tools for sending messages across based on your various business goals. But how relevant are webinars...

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You Don’t Have to Shout to Stand Out with @NoShoutStandOut

Trial and error can beset any business organization especially when you are just starting out. But learning the most important principles to effective entrepreneurship can save you a lot of wasted time and effort. Christine Clifton’s “You Don’t Have to Shout to Stand Out”, brings to the...

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Transforming Leadership Architecture with @HendreCoetzee

Looking to the future could be the last thing on your mind especially when there is so much about the everyday life that you have to deal with. Hendre Coetzee had the privilege of being asked by no less than Nelson Mandela himself the question on what he can contribute to the new world and this...

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[VIDEO] How Flipboard is Driving Smarter Media Consumption

Tons of information flock our everyday lives and if we are not careful, it could eat us alive. Flipboard is a free app with the mission of putting together facts, news, updates and social connections all in one place so that individuals are able to maximize their use in relation to smart...

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