Why It’s Better To Be An Underdog

People love the story of an underdog: a journey that captures relatable challenges and seemingly insurmountable odds, only to be overcome by the little guy in the face of adversity. There’s something intrinsically human about the tale of an underdog, and it taps into our capacity to hope for the...

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The Death Of Indecision: Five Ways To Improve Decision-Making

Business decisions are hard-hitting. We’ve all agonized over our choices, whether in the office, the kitchen or during that movie you’ve wanted to see for weeks. When we’re stuck, who can ever confidently say with complete conviction which decision is the right one? Without possessing...

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Why We Only Need One-Degree Shifts In Life And Business

Reading persuasive arguments about the merits of transforming your business can be convincing, but using hyperbolic language like “transform” can overinflate the need for the subtle changes that often lead to progress. We’re encouraged by bombastic advice to create shifts that are...

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guerrilla marketing

How Guerrilla Marketing Evens the Marketing Playing Field

With all the other challenges you have to face, how do you, as a start-up company, survive and compete with the big giants? Guerrilla marketing offers organizations at the early stage of their business development, basic but highly targeted strategies that won’t take much of their financial...

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People Buy Emotions Not Things

Just for a moment, think about the last big purchase you made. Was it a car? A house? That boat you had been dreaming about? Or possibly something as simple as a purse? At first glance, it may seem that our purchasing decisions have much more to do with the careful analysis of needs than anything...

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Ecosystem mapping

Ecosystem Mapping – Where are my people?

Your customers are your most valuable assets as they are the ones who ultimately bring in financial gains for the company. But what is the most effective way of attracting your target customers and actually making them a huge part of your success? Community building offers a natural way of reeling...

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Bryan Kramer Show with Andy Molinsky

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with @AndyMolinsky

Getting out of your Comfort Zone Andy Molinsky is a Professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School that holds an arsenal of degrees and manages to help people step outside their comfort zones to success. Andy is the author of 2 books on getting outside of your comfort zone....

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Technology by Itself is Not the Real Disrupter

How do you grow as a business? Where do you generate your insight – have you plucked ideas from the sky or listened to colleagues’ sitting around a meeting table? Yes, these ideas can be valid, but are they intuitions that are truly coming from a customer-centric perspective? In short – are...

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The Secret to Hitting 10k YouTube Subscribers in Record Time with @BrianGJohnsonTV

Passionate Video Vision Brian G. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, engaging speaker, product creator, #1 bestselling international author, mentor and he’s crazy about video. So crazy that he has done something nobody has done before. Less than 3% of YouTube channels ever gain more...

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Personal Brand Matters

Why Your Personal Brand Matters Now More Than Ever

Whether some people accept it or not, all individuals have a personal brand. It is those unique characteristics that make you, YOU – unique and outstanding in your own right. A personal brand is who you are and what you decide you want to be known for beyond how other people perceive you to...

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remain human in high stakes business

How to Remain Human in High Stakes Business Negotiations

Not everyone seems to be gifted in the delicate art of negotiation despite its undeniable importance in business and daily living. High stakes business negotiations, in particular, can be very tricky and you cannot rely on the usual strategies to get you through a successful negotiation. By tapping...

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succeed in life and business

7 Ways to Succeed in Life and Businesses Each Day

How to succeed in life and business is one of those age-old questions that don’t have a simple answer. There’s a whole host of contributing factors and specific contexts that can help you to become successful. But whoever you are, there are a few things that everyone can recognize and implement...

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