The Secret to Hitting 10k YouTube Subscribers in Record Time with @BrianGJohnsonTV

Passionate Video Vision Brian G. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, engaging speaker, product creator, #1 bestselling international author, mentor and he’s crazy about video. So crazy that he has done something nobody has done before. Less than 3% of YouTube channels ever gain more...

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Personal Brand Matters

Why Your Personal Brand Matters Now More Than Ever

Whether some people accept it or not, all individuals have a personal brand. It is those unique characteristics that make you, YOU – unique and outstanding in your own right. A personal brand is who you are and what you decide you want to be known for beyond how other people perceive you to...

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remain human in high stakes business

How to Remain Human in High Stakes Business Negotiations

Not everyone seems to be gifted in the delicate art of negotiation despite its undeniable importance in business and daily living. High stakes business negotiations, in particular, can be very tricky and you cannot rely on the usual strategies to get you through a successful negotiation. By tapping...

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succeed in life and business

7 Ways to Succeed in Life and Businesses Each Day

How to succeed in life and business is one of those age-old questions that don’t have a simple answer. There’s a whole host of contributing factors and specific contexts that can help you to become successful. But whoever you are, there are a few things that everyone can recognize and implement...

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evergreen viral content

How Posting Less Goes Viral

  Get More With Less Ian Anderson Gray has been building websites since the birth of the WWW and has a passion for translating the techno-babble of social media marketing into plain English. Founder of Seriously Social, a blog focused on social media tools, he’s an international speaker,...

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Lynn Abate-Johnson

How to Keep Your Best Clients Happy with Lynn Abate-Johnson

Keeping clients happy is a huge challenge, what with their changing needs and seemingly short attention span. As such, it is wise to start with an assessment as to how satisfied they are in the first place so you know whether they are happy or not with the way you do business. Referrals is a good...

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Personal Brand Plan

Climbing Higher with a Personal Brand Plan

I’m sure you’ve heard about the merit of creating a strong personal brand – hey, I know I’ve written about it before and it’s something I strongly believe in. There are loads of reasons why you’re at an advantage if you have a personal brand; it can help you when you’re looking for a...

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market-first, clickfunnel

Pioneering A Market-First Funnel with @Trey_Lewellen

Putting Market Ahead of Product Trey Lewellen is an innovator in ClickFunnel creation and success. Trey went from a full-time insurance agent four years ago to building an e-commerce business that sold $20 million of physical products in 2016. He did this without using Amazon, eBay, or...

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Jessika Phillips

How to Attract the Clients You Want with Jessika Phillips

It’s easy to think that you have to lure any and all sorts of clients to your company. However, this can result to marketing Magnet marketing is about relationship marketing because it is only in this way that you will get to attract the clients that you actually need to grow as a company....

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Becoming a Practice-Noticer with Larry Robertson

Speaking Creativity Larry Robertson is an Innovation Advisor who works, writes, and guides at the nexus of creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship. He is the author of 2 award-winning books – “The Language of Man. Learning to Speak Creativity” and “A Deliberate...

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Friction: It’s All That Matters

A typical ad agency or any other organization or brand usually has its own campaigns in mind. However, this often comes into friction with what clients or customers are looking for. As a result, a company’s marketing efforts becomes a complete waste of time for customers as they find it...

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The Impossibility of Oversharing

Divide. Share. Conquer. Laura Roeder is focused on creating tools that give entrepreneurs like herself the ability to be totally independent. Since 2009, she’s been teaching entrepreneurs how to harness the power of social media marketing and create their own online fame at LKR Social...

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