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Below are a list of presentions that Bryan can provide as keynotes, conference sessions, as well as workshops.

Sharing has always been a fundamental human behavior that has been central to our survival as a human race. Sharing stories, processes, insights, philosophies, techniques, secrets; sharing is how we connect to each other and advance forward. Now with technologies like the Internet, video, social media and mobile, sharing has increased its ease and scale to a global level. Information is no longer confined to geographical boundaries; proximity is no longer required to pass information from one human to another. As humans, we need to rethink how, what, why and where we share ideas to influence and affect the direction we want for our global tribe.

The science behind how humans receive and accept content in a world of an exhaustive amount of content. As content continues to come in many flavors and we continue to build on demand, the amount of content we’ve seen will double will bring back a true renaissance of creativity.

Too many companies treat social media as if it’s a one-way conversation.They set up Twitter and Facebook accounts and then start pumping out updates. But if you aren’t listening to what your fans, customers, critics and competitors are saying, you’re missing the whole point of social media. The new economy is about engagement and for that, you have to listen. More importantly, there’s a real-time battle for understanding what’s in the head of your consumer right now. Bryan will discuss a specific set of steps for social listening in order to build an effective marketing strategy. Real world examples will include how listening can help drive better reach, product development, improved operations, shorter sales cycles and lead generation.

We’ve been trained to speak “business to business” (B2B) or “business to consumer”(B2C).But businesses and products do not have emotion. Humans do.In Human to Human Marketing (#H2H), Bryan explores why and how communication needs to be adjusted to exude simplicity, empathy and imperfection – in the same way humans are built. Through storytelling about his own experiences, as President of a Silicon Valley marketing firm, he delivers practical tools and steps you can use right now to connect with other humans and be better marketers, managers, and fellow members of the human race.

As a company or personal brand, much of your social interactions are public, so paying attention to your social body language – or your collective behavior across the Internet – is critical.While there’s no way to control every perception, you can certainly guide it toward a direction that’s right for you… but only if you’re mindful now. Bryan will walk you through the practical steps to create and maintain your social body language, while looking at a few key areas including your current and potential influencer network, curation strategies, building your listening strategy, and maximizing your time without it overtaking the rest of your life.

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