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37 Ways Your Website Died



Joining us in Episode 18 of From the Author’s Point of View is Darrell Keezer, CEO and Founder of Candybox Marketing, and author of 37 Ways Your Website Died: And How to Resurrect It.

With a strong background in business marketing, Darrell wanted to start his own venture in 2008 titled, Candybox Marketing, with the purpose of reimagining and putting his own touch on clients’ digital presence. Over the course of the years, Darrell saw first hand how many companies struggled to convert leads that they acquired on social media only to come to a website that didn’t perform well. It was after the mass amounts of website updates that Darrell realized this was a common problem for clients across industries. This prompted him to write down a checklist of ‘must-have’ items for your website to excel in the digital space. Knowing there was already a plethora of lead generation & social media content out there, Darrell sought out to compile a guide specifically tailored for website optimization which became his first book, 37 Ways Your Website Died: And How to Resurrect It. 

In this podcast, Darrell walks us through his step-by-step approach to a well designed website and how this will drive results for your brand. He also shares insights on how to simplify your digital presence, and gives examples how no industry is too complex for a good user experience. Darrell not only gives 37 tips on how to bring your site back to life, but also explains how he transformed a daunting task into a creative process with plenty of illustrations any designer could appreciate.

Tune in with Darrell Keezer and host Bryan Kramer now. Share if you enjoy! Released: 2014

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