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From keynotes to hosting, to interviewer to workshop trainer, Bryan is one of the most versatile speakers you could have at your next event. He will make you laugh until you cry, inspire and delight your audience, and connect with them with humor, emotion and understanding to start humanizing your business. Available for in-person and virtual events.

Audiences Bryan has served and delighted

Bryan brings impactful and thought-provoking keynotes about how being human in business is your competitive advantage.


Keynote Abstracts:

Bryan Kramer who will explore what traits humans have that are essential in establishing strong client relationships. The business world has long referred to itself as either “B2B” or “B2C”. In his book “Human to Human: H2H” Bryan argues that it’s humans who do business with humans – not companies and his H2H movement inspired the business world to humanize the way they operate.

In his keynote, Bryan suggests that like companies, people have their own brands and stories that reflect their reputation, values, and character. In today’s connected and social world, a personal brand is increasingly important. He introduces tools and techniques through entertaining stories from his own experiences, as well as steps you can use right now to connect with your customers, be smarter marketers, managers, and fellow members of the human race.

Join Bryan as your personal change agent, and learn the steps to take control of how others see your most valuable asset – you. Learn how to resonate with your audience by telling a great story; focus, structure and deliver a memorable speech; and communicate with confidence even when you are not a subject matter expert.

Trust may be the single most important foundational element in a business relationship and transaction. And with so many relationships formed online, knowing how to build trust is essential in order to create customers for life.

As humans, we all want to know that our lives and our family’s lives will mean something.

What is real? Between media, social media, and technology we have come to a crossroads that is getting stronger. Reality is losing its grip and community is driving the inability to discern the difference between what we need vs what we want.

Is it reality? In a sweeping moment of the share button we have determined our role taking part in a multi-part story. It’s the never ending story that lives through us. We must listen more than we share.

We are human beings who have a deep desire to connect to a reality we believe in. That’s why we were built with raw human emotion. We must accept that this is the difference between us and machines. It’s coming. Automation. Machine learning. Connected devices. Chatbots. Virtual reality. Augmented reality.

What can we do? Be human. Breathe in and share toward a world enhanced by technology, creating more time and space in a deeper humanity. Yet we do have a choices.

Learn how to:

  • – Define your human trust-point system
  • – Track engagement pipelines to increase relationships
  • – Personalize individual experiences
  • – Create connected micro-communities


Recent Appearances


  • Oracle Modern CX Conference September 1 - Chicago IL

  • Salesforce September 1 - San Francisco, CA

  • Lithium Technologies September 1 - San Francisco, CA

  • TapInfluence and LinkedIn webinar September 1

  • Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC) September 1 - Austin, TX

  • ANA’s National BMA Conference September 1 - Chicago, IL

  • SXSW Keynote & Panel with W2O & Dell September 1 - Austin, TX

  • Adobe Summit September 1 - Las Vegas, NV

  • Social Media Marketing World September 1 - San Diego, CA

  • Carnegie Mellon Guest Lecturer September 1 - Pittsburgh, PA

  • Marketo Summit September 1 - San Francisco, CA

  • Social Strategies Summit September 1 - Chicago, IL

  • Social Media Day September 1 - Denver, CO

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