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H2H Private Coaching – You + Me!

Through highly personalized, one-on-one coaching, I equip leaders, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their performance and business.


We all have blind spots and work to remove them, gain agency over yourself and lean in.

As a Co-Actively certified executive coach, I work directly with a limited number of high-level executive powerhouses.

My process of deep listening and undivided attention enables everyone to significantly enhance their performance by identifying critical blockages and opening up their mindset. From there we create what’s possible in areas that may include branding messaging, storytelling, marketing, sales, operational goals, most importantly….up-leveling their quality of life. 

My clients journey with me is an enlightening one that takes them through a thought provoking process through invigorating meetings and experiential learning – leading themselves into becoming even more driven to create what’s next.




 I work with clients in the following ways:

– a focused 2 and 1/2 hour strategy session;
– an intensive 1/2 day strategy and planning session;
– a 6-month focused coaching program for new clients;
– ongoing 12-month coaching (for approved clients);
90-day growth group accelerator 

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I understand what I offer is not right for everyone. If you’d like I’ve written hundreds of free or low-cost resources including, please check out my booksonline courses, and the more than 750 free articles on my site.

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