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A Leader’s Guide to a More Connected Company

Are you a leader looking to take your business success to a new level with a more connected company? Ready to connect with your people, your employees, to bridge that communication gap? If yes, lead with authenticity and transparency to become a more closely related company.

As an executive, it is your job to bring about the needed change. How and why? The connected company is the company today that will win the day. Here’s how.

What Makes A Connected Company So Distinct?

What makes connect companies so different? They are aligned. Connected companies at the core have a clear vision and robust strategy, are fast-paced, high-performing, and have a unique set of capabilities. However, by itself, none of these are enough. The magic is in how things sync and work as a whole. Take charge, drive alignment, commit to goals, and drive decisions; you’ll get better, faster, and ahead of your competition.

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Ways to Create a More Connected Workspace

We know that building trust and relationships isn’t easy. According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, only 33% of the general population says they count on businesses to do what is right. This leaves two-thirds of people feeling disconnected from companies and their leaders.

It is essential to be honest and genuine in your communications. It would help if you remained open and willing to take feedback and act upon that information in the best way possible. Ultimately, it is about following through on your promises and delivering your company’s core beliefs.

Embrace Vulnerabilities

What are some core strengths of a good leader? Vision, courage, confidence, integrity, and delegation. One word you’d not hear is “vulnerable.” As opposed to the common belief, vulnerability isn’t a weakness; it’s a leadership strength that allows you to create opportunities, have meaningful conversations, and connect personally.

Build Value

Use your business and your power as a driver for good. Create value not just among your employees but also in the community. Uphold every process to the highest standards. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Educate, empower, challenge, and become not just profitable but a beneficial organization.

Welcome Inclusivity

Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels like they belong right where they are. Openly combat discrimination, elitism, racism, sexism, and other prevalent issues in the workplace. Give the previously unheard the opportunity to outshine. Be willing to listen and have judgment-free conversations. Create a safe space for everyone to learn, share, and grow.

Step into Each Other’s Shoes

Consider different perspectives. Urge employees to share their ideas and suggestions. Encourage collaboration and productivity, and create a culture of belonging. Practice empathy and respect, and always try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to get closer to their viewpoints before talking or taking action.

Manage Burnout

To build a robust culture of connection at the workplace, you must also manage burnout so employees can share their concerns or if something’s bothering them. Exhaustion, energy depletion, detachment, and reduced productivity can be commonly seen at any job site. But if workplace stress becomes manageable, you can sense a better connection between everyone. Also, always encourage employees to make time for self-care and maintain their physical and mental health. Motivate them to pursue their passions outside of work.

One-To-One Connections

Leadership is about leading, but it is also about making and maintaining connections. Every individual you interact with will have insights to share, leading to more conversations and doubled success. It would be best to listen well, for it offers mutually beneficial opportunities. Ultimately, the idea is to build rapport and relationships with your employees.

One-To-Many Opportunities

Leadership also refers to engaging with like-minded people, participating in association meet-ups, and associating your business with the industry big shots. It helps add to the company’s legitimacy and opens the door for multiple opportunities. Having that credibility gives a message that you know your playfield and that people can trust your brand.

One-To-Self Opportunities

In a more connected company, we are constantly communicating with others. Whether presenting to a group of executives, meeting with a client, or leading a team meeting, communicating with others is a vital part of our jobs. However, we often forget that sharing with ourselves is just as important. One-to-self communication is taking information from the outside world and processing it internally. This internal processing can take many forms, but it always involves some reflection and self-awareness.

One-to-self communication is essential in business because it allows us to make well-informed decisions. When we take the time to process information internally, we can better understand our thoughts and feelings about a situation. We can also analyze the pros and cons of different courses of action before deciding. This internal processing can help us avoid rash decisions we may regret later.

Communicating with ourselves is also essential because it allows us to stay focused and motivated. When we reflect on our goals and objectives, we can remind ourselves why we are working towards them in the first place. This internal motivation can help us stay on track even when things get tough. One-to-self communication is an essential part of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. It allows us to check in with ourselves regularly to ensure that we are still on track and headed in the right direction.

Open Communication Is Vital

Communicate consistently and openly with your employees. Sound honest and dependable and communicate all plans assertively. Listen, acknowledge, and engage – that’s the mantra of business life. It is a sign of a fanatic work culture that builds strong teams. But make sure to implement a communication strategy to streamline all processes.

Encourage Risk-Taking

Great leaders allow employees to take (calculative and intelligent) risks, experiment, and make mistakes. But show them it is ok, so they can learn, act thoughtfully, and not get defensive. It fosters transparency, ownership, and accountability. Remember, RISK is a four-letter word for continuous business success.

Transparency in Business

Being transparent about company-wide decisions is pivotal in shaping company culture as a mindful leader. It leads to better performances, realistic expectations, and unwavering success. Besides, it is aptly said, “Transparency in business is the next wave in company evolution.” Not everyone agrees with the idea of transparency, but most do, which helps solidify employee commitment and engagement.

Technologically Connected Workplace

Connected companies are distinct because leaders focus on employees’ personal and professional growth. They don’t just connect on a mental level but also integrate innovative technological tools so everyone can communicate and collaborate effectively. Such protocols help manage the workplace both inside and outside of the office.

Reward Employees

Express gratitude, offer time off, present gifts, cover reasonable costs, go for team outings, or schedule an all-company activity. You reward good performers for their hard work at the right time. This can be an excellent opportunity to have fun and create a bonding both inside and outside of work.

Practice What You Preach

Practice what you preach. Why? Because you are constantly being watched as a leader. Besides, you would want to be the leader you want your employees to be. Nothing butchers your credibility more than not practicing what you preach. Do that, or pay the price. It is like proclaiming your people are your assets and instigating layoffs without solid reasons to boost profits.

Ready to Build Strong Connections at Workplace?

Creating a closely connected environment is the key to long-term success regardless of your business size, scale, or industry.

Business scalability is built upon the foundation of your connections. Leaders of today are go-getters and dynamic. I focus on serving more connected companies with future-proof solutions.

If the process still bothers you, I’m a trusted executive mentor and coach and will be happy to chat with you and help you grow. Check out my business coaching plans and success stories here.

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