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A Rebel’s Guide to Writing with @DJWaldow



Joining us in Episode 11 of From the Author’s Point of View is my close friend DJ Waldow, a digital marketing evangelist from Marketo, and cohort of our award winning, 90-Days To Ellen campaign. He is also Co-host of The #WorkTalkShow podcast and The Marketing Nation Podcast at Marketo as their Digital Evangelist, of which I have been fortunate enough to be a guest.

DJ Waldow @DJWaldow

DJ Waldow

As an avid blogger and storyteller for the past 10 years, DJ’s first book was no overnight success. But as a modern day email marketer, DJ believed previous email marketing rules were meant to be broken, as traditional “do’s and don’ts” were stale and not targeted to specific audiences. This passion for email marketing ultimately lead him to co-writing The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing.

In this podcast, DJ hints how his hectic teaching background combined with his business roles prepared both his writing and public speaking skills, which he still uses today. He also reveals some of his personal writing tips and tricks about where he finds his creative juices, which is often at the most random of times. DJ lastly gives us clues on how to be unique and different in your field, and how to capitalize on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Tune in with DJ Waldow and host Bryan Kramer to learn valuable tips about writing your next book, and share if you like it!

Released: 2014.

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