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Grow your business community the HUMAN way.

Entrepreneurs and businesses can’t rely on sales people alone, we need communities and connection to create the space to belong and grow. It’s the human way. Dip your toe in the water and I’d like to invite you into one or more of our communities. Come on in, the water is warm!

The H2H Hub

Accelerate your entrepreneurial business growth in this free Facebook group by shifting your mindset, increasing your marketing skills, and getting out from under your business.

The activity weekly is off the charts with 3,000 people like you contributing to a lot of thoughts and questions. Jump right in or find answers to what you are going through.



Believe it or not, we have our very own currency called the $HUMAN coin.

This coin is our creator coin. It’s a cryptocurrency built on The Rally Network (an open, decentralized network that is powered by its native ERC-20 governance token, $RLY).

Is that too much information?Don’t worry if you are new to crypto. For most $HUMAN coin holders, this is their first time.

When you buy and hold $HUMAN coin you get rewards and discounts as a HUMAN community member. Think of it like rewards miles, but SOOO much better. And, as our community grows, we will be using $HUMAN coin to build our own economy. You also get access to other benefits, discounts off courses, and more to come. 

If you’d rather just buy some $HUMAN coin without doing any work, you can purchase on the network (where $HUMAN coin trades). Just pick up a Rally username and go to the $HUMAN coin main page. Buy all you like.

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