Defending and Enhancing Your Brand on Social Media

Defending Brand

Until a few years ago, brands had just a few caretakers who really only had to worry about the press and media when it came to addressing positive and negative public opinion. But today, social media has given individual customers a phenomenal public platform to make themselves heard in a very powerful way. That means brands are struggling to make sense of all kinds of voices across social media and to manage the messages put out by the host of de facto brand managers who are now in a position to make a major impact on a company’s marketing.

In this eBook, Todd Wilms, Head of Social Business Strategy for SAP and myself present the following:

•  The new rules of engagement for social and brand

•  Defensive strategies to deploy through social media when things go wrong

•  How brands can go on the offensive and actually enhance their brand and their credibility through social media

•  How to manage your brand and make social media work for you

•  Real world examples and proven tactics

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