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Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs with @BeverlyIngle [Podcast]



Joining us in Episode 6 of From the Author’s Point of View is Beverly Ingle, author of “Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses” and founder of Resilient By Design in San Antonio, Texas. She is also a Certified Innovation Leader, a credential earned from the Design Fellows Program of the California College of the Arts.

Beverly Ingle @BeverlyIngle

Beverly Ingle

In this podcast, Beverly explains “Design Thinking”, a problem-solving methodology that was originally designed for the enterprise but needed to be scaled to drive innovation on a shoestring budget for DIY entrepreneurs. She shares her best advice for other small business owners, as it relates to her own process of going from designer to author. Beverly also outlines her favorite design thinking exercise – the Empathy Map – which helps visually map out what your ideal customer is thinking, hearing, saying and seeing in their world as it applies to your brand or service, in order to meet them eye-to-eye in the marketplace.

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Released: 2014.

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