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Digital Anthropology: New Rules for Engaging with Gen C with Brian Solis


Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur: Evolutionary Marketing in Action

Please join me for an IBM Smarter Commerce interview in the ‘Rethink Marketing‘ series kicked off with industry visionary and digital analyst, Brian Solis. Discover what it takes to make more human connections and smarter business decisions during this era of upheaval. Mobile commerce, social networks, smartphones, tablets and real-time connections all the time—this time period represents a huge evolutionary step—and it really is the end of business as usual. Will your company adapt, or go extinct?

Brian is the principal analyst at Altimeter Group as well as an award-winning author, prominent blogger, and international speaker. He understands the effects of social media and disruptive technology on business, and his insights can help you align your teams and initiatives and develop new strategies for success.

Digital Darwinism and the Dawn of Generation C

This guide will help you develop your own evolutionary approach to marketing—one that more effectively shapes, steers and guides every customer experience.

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The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle

Read this e-book to find out how you can understand conversations your consumers are having about your brand in order to engage this connected generation, learn what makes them loyal, and adapt your business approach.

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