From Zero to 150 Million: How E. Brian Rose Changed Internet Marketing Forever

by Commentary, The BK Show Podcast

Playing Hard and Working Harder

E. Brian Rose joins the Bryan Kramer show this week for some human to human conversation about breaking into the unpredictable world of internet marketing. Coming from one of the more unique backgrounds for an internet marketer, EBR began his career as an entrepreneur after leaving the military.

After a series of ups and downs, small successes and failures, EBR has now built a very successful internet company with a hugely devoted community. As Co-Founder and Owner of, he helps other entrepreneurs with the very same problem he once faced: finding opportunities for your product to even be seen by influential people. JVZoo connects aspiring vendors of a range of digital, downloadable products with influential affiliates who can receive a commission for promoting products on their platform of choice.

Since launching four years ago, there are now hundreds of thousands of affiliates and vendors in the JVZoo community, a community so loyal that they alone are responsible for the rise of JVZoo’s success, without much money thrown at paid advertising. And when you consider that their total earnings from JVZoo come to just under $2M, you won’t wonder why.

Listen in as E. Brian Rose talks about hogging the spotlight, why staying humble is crucial for the life of your business, and how throwing parties helped him achieve success. 

In This Episode

  • How to get your product in front of the right eyes
  • Funneling a need for attention into success
  • Why placing trust in others is crucial to your success
  • How to deal with and survive the ‘feast or famine’ nature of breaking into the internet marketing world
  • Why your own ideas about money may be causing you to make less
  • How to build a loyal community that can save you money on advertising
  • Why your ego can harm your business
  • Freeing yourself from the modern ideas of productivity and scheduling

Quotes From This Episode

[Tweet “”That’s a great feeling knowing that I get richer when the people that follow me get richer.” —@EBrianRose”]

“The biggest downfall I had was not being willing to delegate anything. I had to wear all hats. I had to be the guy who did everything because I didn’t trust anything to anybody. You stifle yourself when you do that. You really can’t get it all done yourself. I realized, ‘It’s time to let go, it’s time to let other people in. Even if they’re not going to do it as good as I think I’m going to do it, eventually they might.’ Eventually they might even do it better than you.” —@EBrianRose

“It’s feast or famine when you’re just breaking into the internet world. You have to be able to go with the flow; go with the peaks and the valleys until you eventually start plateauing.” —@EBrianRose

“It’s really a simple concept that has been around for hundreds of years: build a list of people interested in the things that you want to sell them and then sell them. The most important thing is to start building a tribe of followers, a platform of people that are interested in what you have to say or what you have to sell. And the key thing is to actually sell them something.” —@EBrianRose