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Five Fundamental Tips for Using Facebook for Your Business

When it comes to social media usage, Facebook continues to reign supreme. The popular platform boasts over 1.35 billion monthly active users worldwide. The site is currently responsible for driving 23.39% of the internet’s traffic, making it second only to Google as the most influential site with consumers.

With an astounding five new accounts created every second, companies simply cannot afford to ignore Facebook’s power to connect with potential customers. Which is why I believe that every small business should be focusing on Facebook as an essential part of your promotion strategy.

So is your business truly taking advantage of Facebook’s tremendous marketing potential?  If not, I have five essential keys to using Facebook to promote your brand.

Make Sure Your Facebook Page is Up-to Date.

Has your business moved within the past few years? Perhaps you have updated your URL or company logo? If so, it may be time to revamp your company’s Facebook page. Take time to ensure that your business hours and contact information are still correct. It may also be a good idea to update your cover photo with something more timely-such as a holiday photo.

Square FBPost Consistent and Appealing Content

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, American Facebook users spend an average of 40 minutes daily on the service. Therefore, getting in front of consumers during that dedicated time can make all the difference for your business. Posting consistently can ensure that your fans will remain interested in your brand while allowing them a means to communicate with you in real time.

Don’t be afraid to share more than just information about your products and services.  You can share YouTube videos, quotes–basically anything that inspires you.

Consider “Boosting” Posts

Boosted Posts allows you to reach wider audiences with greater accuracy. And let’s be honest, companies and brands now need to pay to play. The good news is that you set the budget and Facebook will tell you instantly how many people your post will reach. Plus, with the targeted advertising built right into posts-you can make sure your messages gets in front of the right audience.  The service can be activated for a minimum of $5.00 per boost as long as your business page has 50 or more likes.

It’s important to limit the number of posts you boost. Overdo it, and you might potentially alienate readers. Depending on how much content you have to promote, I recommend that you boost a post at least once a week

Use Facebook Offers and Be Exclusive

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.54.20 AMThinking of a way to use Facebook to drive brick and mortar sales? Then you should definitely consider using Facebook Offers. The service provides users with discount and promotional offers that are redeemable for goods and services at your business. Not only does the Facebook Offer gives brands with a means to reward loyal Facebook fans; but it also encourages followers to share the discount with their friends. Best of all, you can track the success of your offers by seeing how many people redeem them.  .

Don’t Be Afraid to Recreate the Wheel

Unsure of where to begin on Facebook? I recommend reading some of the many success stories currently posted on Facebook for Business microsite for inspiration. You can search the case studies by keyword or industry to find the company profile that best matches your own. The site also has links to resources as well as a very active forum where other business owners can exchange useful tips.

Key Takeaways

Boasting over 1.35 billion users monthly, Facebook remains the most active social media platform in the world. To be successful, businesses must find a way to incorporate the site into their overall marketing mix. Offering consistent, timely content is the key to build your following; while utilizing tools like Boost Pages and Facebook Offers can help you find and reward new customers. Finally, you can look to the popular Facebook for Business site for inspiration.

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