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Getting Specific in Communication with @KareAnderson



Joining us in Episode 10 of From the Author’s Point of View is Kare AndersonForbes columnist, Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist, and author of “Moving from Me to We.”  Kare has been a public speaker in 18 countries, speaker at TEDxBerkeley,  and consultant to companies, sports teams, startups, government leaders and non-profits as diverse as Google, The Skoll Foundation, London School of Economics, Nordstrom, Siemens, Deloitte, and Novartis.


Growing up shy and with a stutter, this piqued her curiosity about why people don’t share what’s on their mind. Being an introvert herself, her interest in human behavior and how to communicate more concretely with each other motivated her to write her long form book. “When you get to that place that you just can’t help how you feel, that’s what you should write about,” she says.

In this podcast, Kare discusses how we can be more likeable and frequently quoted in this time of shorter bursts of digital communication and less human face-to-face interaction. She also gives us clues about how to spot the “takers” in social media and how to better connect with others to encourage “mutuality” in how we share with each other and in what we share. Kare firmly believes in being specific in what we are saying, and describes how this simple correction in how we communicate can band others around you to help spread the word. 

Tune in with Kare and host Bryan Kramer to learn valuable tips about writing your next book, and share if you like it!

Released: 2014.

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