Accomplishing Your Most Ambitious Goal in 100 Days with John Lee Dumas

by Commentary, The BK Show Podcast

Finding Freedom By Setting Goals

John Lee Dumas is this week’s guest on the BK Show, deconstructing human behavior to find tactics and tools to create peak performance. John Lee Dumas is the original podcaster extraordinaire when, in September of 2012, he took a podcast with no online presence or experience and grew it to be a 7-figure earning business with multiple revenue streams. Entrepreneur on Fire was named “Best of iTunes” in 2013,  and has consistently ranked in the top 100 podcasts on iTunes and in the top ten of business podcasts.

Needless to say, John Lee Dumas’s podcasting skills are on fire.

Generously, John takes us inside that fiery podcasting process of his as he discusses inspiration for the birth of Entrepreneur on Fire and how grew it to where it is today. He shares his insight on what makes a good interview and the oft underestimated value of sharing stories. 

Additionally, John has a current passion project to share with listeners of the Bryan Kramer Show. The Freedom Journal, one of the most highly funded publishing Kickstarters in the history of Kickstarter with over $300,000 pledged in 33 days, is John’s new book that offers a scientific method to help entrepreneurs set a huge goal and accomplish it within 100 days.

Having seen the value of knocking over that first big domino with Entrepreneur on Fire in his own career, John seeks to bring that gift to others who are struggling to find their foothold as entrepreneurs.

In This Episode

  • The single biggest problem plaguing unsuccessful entrepreneurs
  • How to create a tipping point
  • Building a life of value, not success
  • How to identify voids that you can step into
  • The simple science of setting and accomplishing goals
  • Tools to help you knock over the biggest dominoes in your work
  • What to do when you don’t have the experience you need
  • Why it’s okay to be bad sometimes
  • Inside John’s successful podcast hosting process

Quotes From This Episode

“I realized I’ve been trying to become a person of success and I’ve been failing. So, why not try to become a person of value? That’s when I launched a free, valuable, consistent podcast seven days a week. For nine months not a dollar came in the door. It was hard work with no revenue coming in. But then I reached a tipping point: I had delivered enough value to enough people for enough time that I reached that tipping point and the monetization started.” —@johnlessdumas

“We as humans resonate with stories. So many people have gone away from that over the years and they just love those little taglines like, ‘Fail fast, fail forward, fail awesome!’ Okay,  that’s good, but once we’ve heard it once, we kind of get it. But nobody has the same story.  So, when I ask, ‘What was your worst entrepreneurial moment?’, although it’s episode 1200, what my listeners hear is a completely unique story because nobody has experienced the same worst moment as another person.” —@johnleedumas

[Tweet “”This is why I created the freedom journal; because I saw the effect that accomplishing one big domino can have and I wanted to give that gift to others.” —@johnleedumas”]

“If you want to be, do. I wanted to be a podcaster; I had to flipping podcast. There was no other way around it. So its okay to be bad at something as long as you’re working on it consistently. and I’m talking about every single day, improve those skills. You’ll get good over time.” —@johnleedumas

“What inspired me to create EO Fire was that it was something that I wanted in this world. I wanted to be able to drive to work every single day and listen to a podcast interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs. So I was complaining about that, ‘Where is that 7-day-a-week podcast?’ And I stepped into that void. If you keep your eyes open and ears open, you’re gonna hear and see a ton of voids in this world that need to be filled. Pass on 99% of them because you should not be the person that actually fills that void, but there’s gonna be that 1% of those times where you’re like, ‘Huh. That void needs to be filled. I’m passionate about that particular topic.’ Dive into that and see where it goes.” —@johnleedumas