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Replay #H2HChat Brand Marketing on Snapchat with Nick Cicero

We’re nearly halfway through 2016 and the verdict is in: Snapchat is the platform of the year. With adoption by brands such as General Electric and influencers such as DJ Khalid it’s clearly is no longer simply a destination for brands to appear “cool” to a teens and pre-teens. In fact according to eMarketer, 45% of all Snapchat users in the US are between the ages of 18 and 24- a prime purchasing demographic.

Moreover the very nature of Snapchat embodies the H2H marketing philosophy of personalization and relationship development. It is anti-broadcasting, requiring realtime interaction for messages to be received. Yet the devil is in the details. While brands are willing to fork over investment into experimentation, to fully integrate the platform into their marketing mix they need a way to measure success beyond amplification and relationship building.

Join us for part 2 in our Snapchat H2HChat series to talk with Nick Cicero one of the foremost leaders in the social media marketing space when it comes to strategy execution on Snapchat. Suzie and special guest host Brian Fanzo will talk with Nick about everything from what to measure on Snapchat to how to position the strategy as viable to internal stakeholders. We’ll also discuss the ins and outs of the Snapchat community and where Nick sees it going in the next few months.

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