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Shareology: How Sharing Powers the Human Economy

Everybody learns how to share as a young child. From teachers at school encouraging students to share the workload on a group project to parents helping their kids divide up toys, sharing is one of a child’s first life lessons.

Now that we’ve grown into the information age, sharing is still important, but for very different reasons. Sharing is a very popular activity now because of how easy it is to share something with thousands, even millions of people on the web. If you have a social media account, you can share things with people in seconds. The ease with which sharing occurs today is a big part of the reason that roughly 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared on the web each day.

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Today, the significance of sharing extends much further than just learning how to play nicely with siblings and classmates. Sharing is what drives relationships.

Sharing and the Development of Human Connections

Shareology BookWhen it comes to connecting with people, there are few better ways than creating a shared experience. However, when it’s not possible for an experience to be shared, the next best option is to share the right content.

As we share an increasingly larger amount of content with our contacts in different places, we can leverage this content to build relationships with people in our network. There are several ways that sharing content helps us do this:

Providing solutions. Perhaps you are sharing a helpful how-to article or an interview with an expert in a field that is relevant to your network. When others identify with the content you share because it helps them solve a challenge they are facing, it instantly strengthens the connection between you

Making professional connections. The content that you share will often alert people in your network of needs that you have, and vice versa. If there is someone who can fulfill a requirement of yours, you can easily connect with them when you share content

Building your influence. Sharing can also help people convey authority and education in a given field. The things that you share with people, both online and offline, have a huge impact on their relationship and opinion of you. Sharing the right content can help your message hold more weight in your field

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These examples are just the tip of the iceberg: today sharing happens on a huge number of channels for many different reasons.

Shareology: How Sharing Powers the Human Economy

After realizing how much the idea of sharing has changed in modern times, I decided to write a book to help people understand how this concept relates to the human business movement.

In Shareology, you’ll learn about the various types of sharers and what their motivations are, why sharing is the foundation of the human-to-human #H2H movement, and how to understand whether or not your sharing will resonate with its audience.

I’m also excited to announce that the Shareology Sharing Platform is now launched in conjunction with the release of my book. The Shareology Platform will feature unique content and challenges that allow users to earn points when they share things they are interested in. I am looking forward to using the Shareology Platform to create better connections with others who, like me, are interested in continuing to learn and push the envelope as it relates to sharing content and experiences to build human relationships.

Show me you ‘share’ and I’ll see you there!

 Click here to pre-order your book and get instant access to the Shareology Platform.

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