How to Tell Your Personal Story with Shawn Pfunder

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What It Means To Be Creative

Shawn has been working with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners for more than 20 years on capturing their unique creativity and sharing it through storytelling.

He’s consulted companies large and small on communication, social media, and marketing strategies. At heart he’s a small-business superfan. He believes that working for yourself is one of the most courageous and creative moves anyone can make.

Currently, he’s the Editor in Chief for The Garage at GoDaddy. When he’s not hanging out with solopreneurs, Shawn loves to write, run, and travel. He’s passionate about teaching and he’s convinced that a good story is the best way to do it — especially if it involves El Caminos, potato fields, and really loud music.

Listen in as we discuss how to leverage the palette of your life to foster creativity that resonates with your audience.

shawn pfunder

In This Episode

  • How personalizing your content and relating it to your audience leads to engaged and excited consumers and marketers alike
  • Why successfully resonating with customers means telling a story
  • How the moral of a story leads to a less impactful lesson
  • Why earning the trust of customers means investing in employee personal branding
  • How creativity draws from the palette of our lives

Quotes From This Episode

“We have a content challenge in that there is so much of it out there.” —@pfunder

“We have changed marketing direction in the past but we still want to keep a very human approach to what we’re doing.” —@pfunder

[Tweet “”We want to unflinchingly see what life was like before this thing that happened to you.” —@pfunder”]

“A moral to the story is me explaining to you what the meaning of the story is and I think that’s a mistake.” —@pfunder

“We just need to know what the story meant to the storyteller and then other people can derive meaning from the story themselves.” —@pfunder

[Tweet “”We model ourselves off of stories in our lives.” —@pfunder”]

“People know the bounds to work in and then they’re able to do some amazing things with that.” —@pfunder

[Tweet “”People distrust brands.” —@pfunder”]

“Thinking about the world differently over and over and over again is what it means to be creative.” —@pfunder