By Bryan Kramer | Commentary

The 1-Degree Social Marketing Shift

I’m not talking about global warming or the Polar Shift. I’m talking making shifts alongside this globally social market evolving all around us. Often times small shifts in your marketing efforts combined can evolve into a 180° of success.

1_degreeResults don’t happen over night. More importantly, there is not one silver bullet that will make you a superstar. This is where your shift planning comes into play. Often times we look at what we need to accomplish on our roadmap with an insurmountable number of options within paid, earned and owned media. Wrap it all up in some creative and execution! Simple, right?

Our clients are often trying to see a million dollar shift, and at their size, it takes a single shift or “turning the right dials” until you get an integrated marketing mix that works for them. And we have other clients that want to build a shift in brand awareness. Either way, a shift needs to happen. What do you really need (dig deep on this one), sales or awareness! Getting this one wrong could put your entire ship off course! The only potential for success in any size business and on any budget level is to allow for little shifts along the way that help you to determine whether you’re on the right track.

Let’s explore 6 ways to approach marketing shifts that could make a massive difference:

1) Think big at first – nothing can happen without thinking about what’s possible. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and think big because you have to have a mighty big list to start with in order to break down everything you want to accomplish.

2) Plan your variables – I hate to say it, but you have to know what could possibly go in an unfavorable direction in order to plan for it. I’m not saying be negative, just think it all through and plan around each milestone so you know what challenges you think might happen and how you’ll respond.

3) Think in visual- there’s a reason we live in a visual economy, people respond to visuals and the main way to get buy-in is to show it, don’t just tell. If you can find a visual way to represent the vision, you’ll be able to get everyone on board with the outcome, how you get there won’t be as much of a challenge.

4) There is no linear- we live in a world where there is an unpredictable process and you have to be open and flexible to everything along the way. So don’t forget that sometimes there is a better outcome to the areas you’re open to.

5) Failure means shifting and trying again- a shift that makes a difference comes more from failure than it does success. When you’re able to see the shifts out of each challenge you face, they’ll all add up to success!

6) Success shifts mean celebrate- don’t forget to high five your team along the way. I’m no pro at this one and often forget that sometimes those little successful milestones are the ones that make the process that much more fun!

Key takeaway: Authenticity drives the energy necessary to create forward momentum. We call it “1° Shifts” for your marketing in a connected world of social activity – the small but critical course corrections that, over time, set you on a trajectory toward transformative success can make a 180° difference.

 I would love to hear from you on any comments, thoughts or things I may have missed below. Cheers!

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