The Future of Virtual Content with Cathy Hackl

by #H2HChat, Marketing

The real world in which humans live in is not the only reality which exists in this highly technological realm. Today, other multisensory realms are developing very fast including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). One can get so immersed in these worlds that individuals, brands, and companies alike are getting hooked by the illusion it creates. What is most significant with AR/VR is that, because it appeals to almost all of the basic human senVirtual Hacklses, the experience tends to stick to one’s long-term memory. As such, it has become a very effective tool that marketers can use in making humane connections with target audiences. In particular, producing quality marketing virtual content is what content creators should focus on if they are to impact niche markets in the virtual world.

Cathy Hackl specializes in AR/VR-oriented marketing and PR. She is an Emmy-nominated communicator who worked for years as a journalist for ABC, CNN, and Discovery Communications. Her more than a decade experience as a journalist made her ripe for a very successful career in social media and PR. She is also a pioneer in immersive marketing and is a futuristic content creator. She has spent almost 2 years now as an AR/VR specialist, working with a top VR studio, Future Lighthouse as Chief Communications and Content Officer. She also does work for YouVisit which is a huge PR company based in New York. She is a writer, speaker, and consultant.

In this Episode

  • How Cathy’s past experiences paved the way for her into the virtual reality world
  • The essential difference between virtual reality and augmented reality
  • How marketing content is shifting from flat 2D to 360, 3D, and holographic
  • How VR becomes an effective, immersive marketing where individuals achieve high experience recollection
  • How VR technology and applications are developing at a faster pace and how people should adapt to it
  • How to get started with VR as a small to medium business enterprise
  • How augmented reality will develop over the next year in mobile devices in relation to Apple’s technology
  • How content creators will adapt to the shifts and changes brought about by AR and VR
  • The application of augmented reality to retail shopping
  • How VR can play an advantage or disadvantage in terms of the human experience

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