What is $Human Coin?

by Business

The Creator Coins are Here – are you Ready?

Picture this scenario for a second…

Everyone’s walking around, doing their own thing, but they all have their very own currency. And they’re all different from one another. Sounds pretty nifty, right?

So, if you wanted to buy something from Random Person A, then you’d have to use Random Person A’s currency to do it with.

And likewise for [insert fictional, made-up person B, C, D etc] 😀

Each person’s specific products, service, artwork, or even music would need a specific kinda cash…or Creator Coin.

It sounds like something from a video game, doesn’t it? And The Internet feels more and more like a choose your own adventure story every day.

And picking an exciting path to go down can lead to some pretty cool results…

Are they safe? Creator Coins are backed by blockchain technology on The Rally Network, but they’re different than most other cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of other creators already on Rally, take a look.

Which is exactly where our Creator Coin comes in…

Introducing…$HUMAN Coin

Remember Random Person A? Well, that’s me in this scenario and I’ve launched my very own Creator Coin called $HUMAN coin.

Now $HUMAN is literally linking Human 2 Human via Creator Coin, which nails my H2H ethos even more!

And have been busy building a way to include our community with exclusive products, content, interaction because you’re part of something bigger and you’re making it stronger too through the $Human coin.

And we want to get you started by giving you your first coin!

First, by subscribing to the Humanize newsletter, we are going to send you $5 USD in $HUMAN to get started.

Also, you can get $5 USD in $HUMAN for every new entrepreneur you refer with your very own referral link found in your newsletter.*

And finally, if you’d rather just buy $HUMAN on your own, you can purchase $HUMAN on the Rally.io network (where $HUMAN coin trades). It takes 30 seconds to sign up and get your Rally username and then go to the $HUMAN coin page. You can get as much as you like.

The best part about holding a coin of your own is that over time it is worth something in value to you! In other words, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

It’s early days but I’m super excited about it all, as it feels like we’re on the cusp of so many things, I wanted to tell you about it – as we can grow a community together and can exchange even more ideas and share lots of awesome stuff in our own corner of the internet. And you’ll receive loads of bonus content with more coins…

What the heck is crypto?

Oh, I mentioned the *c-word, but don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with crypto, cos Creator Coins are linked to the creators you already know and are interested in, instead of a currency you can use for everything, like other types of crypto.

What do I mean by that? Creator Coins are currency, but they’re like a social token or a symbol of membership to a community. And they’re personally branded to the creator of that community.

Creators, influencers, artists are all busy creating bada$$ digital products for you to enjoy, so a smart social token that you can use to buy them, as a Creator Coin, shows your support and means you can access:

  • Rewards for being a valued community contributor
  • Discounts for exclusive products and services
  • Courses, especially for Creator Coin holders
  • Use coins to gift to others
  • Exchange your coins for real dollars

Think of it like investing in the community you’re already a part of and a valued member of.

So, how can you get involved and start collecting $HUMAN?

I’m granting my community special access to $HUMAN, which already gives you a taster for the type of exclusive perks you’ll receive by investing in my Creator Coin. In fact, the more you use, the more you’re supporting content creation.

If you’re not already, join subscribe to my newsletter called Humanize with my best content and I will give you $5 USD of $Human coin just by being a human subscriber.

$Human coin full benefits and uses

$Human coin holders help contribute directly to the creator economy. We are focused on helping business owners live healthier lives while growing their businesses.

HUMANCOIN Holder (Minimum of 0.1 HUMAN)

  • Subscribe at bryankramer.com and receive $5 (USD) in starter $HUMAN coin
  • Receive an additional $5 (USD) in $HUMAN coin for each member referral
  • As a $Human holder you are eligible for $RLY rewards
  • Gain access to our private discord group

H2Her (Minimum of 1.0 HUMAN)

  • Be part of a weekly random giveaway of up to $100 (USD) in $HUMAN coin
  • 1% off all training and educational courses
  • all HUMANCoin Holder benefits

H2H Club (Minimum of 5.0 HUMAN)

  • Early access to all education and event opportunities
  • 5% off all training and educational courses
  • all HUMAN H2Her benefits

H2H Insider (Minimum of 20.0 HUMAN)

  • Exclusive inner circle discord area for more intimate coaching and conversation opportunities
  • Insider-Talk-To-BK Channel – intimate featured conversations with BK
  • 20% off all training and educational courses
  • all H2H Club benefits


Please note: $Human coin subscription and referral pay-out program is NOT available in all countries. $HUMAN subscription and referral program is subject to change, at any time, without notice. H2H Companies reserves the right to reject referrals at their discretion.