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How Data and People Will Transform an Industry

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In this episode of #Substance, CEO Bryan Kramer is joined by the President and CEO of Neustar, Lisa Hook.

In today’s hyper-connected world, Lisa Hook, a powerhouse leader at a global company stresses the importance of privacy, personalization, and shares how brands can be smarter with data. Lisa reveals how companies must hire for the future of work by recruiting top talent. Listen in specifically around how Lisa learned how to be organized and accountable as an intern at the White House under the Carter administration. She also gives insights on women in STEM and discusses how it may affect the future of diversification in tech. Lastly, in their efforts to be an environmentally friendly company, Lisa shares how Neustar plans to “go green” and how the ‘Internet Of Things’ plays a big role in getting there.

Watch by clicking the video below. Enjoy!

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