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Achieving Believable Results: How to Be Realistic With Your Strategy and Planning

We get into the planning mode with full passion and ambition but fail miserably even before reaching the starting line – much like our New Year’s resolutions. But here’s the catch – succeeding at planning will require you to think about “how” you set your goals. It’s a whole process to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you wish to be. It needs your time, effort, and resources to close that gap.

As a business coach, I’ve spent most of my time helping my clients achieve their best lives and get their businesses to the top. In this article, I’ll help you nail down what will make the most difference, identifying hindrances and opportunities while driving your business to create an actual impact. These tips will help you set personal and business goals and set them up for success.

Strategy and Planning

Before I Begin …

Before I get into the details, let me tell you a little something. I’m an executive coach and advisor, keynote speaker, and marketer. I love to plan, and I appreciate having a routine. It gives me the confidence to anticipate what to expect from the future.

But I also understand that achieving believable results can be complicated. There’s constant pressure for planning. Even the planning and development industries push their merchandise aggressively to help us with planning.

We’re overwhelmed with products, information, and programs. Top that with gloomy winter days, the holiday season, and as a result, slowing processes. You can get carried away from the process or not be in the state to plan for the year.

It’s normal. Business planning is an activity that has value but is best done when you feel it and have the skills for it. Ultimately, the idea is to remain realistic and plan for your personal and professional goals in the upcoming year when you’re ready.

How do you prepare yourself to plan? Start working on the following:

Emotional Development

Having Emotional Intelligence (EI) makes you a better executive and entrepreneur. You become more self-aware, build lasting relationships, communicate effectively, and succeed in all life endeavors. 

With the right emotional skills, you can leverage problem-solving, empathy, and social skills to develop solid and practical solutions. As a result, you can create a passionate, purposeful, and meaningful company culture for everyone involved. 

So, make it a goal this year to cultivate emotional competence. 

Mental Development

Keep exercising your brain. Work on growing your skills. Elevate your knowledge through self-directed learning or relevant training.

People who are more mentally stable are also more likely to grow better and sustain their businesses. So you must work on mainlining an analytical approach and creative thought processes to deal with complex situations much more quickly.

If you do not care for your mental health, it will negatively affect all facets of your life and business. 

Physical Development

Physical health is crucial in succeeding in most spheres of your life. Physical fitness can also be linked to emotional, mental, and social wellness. So, keeping up with your physical well-being is a great way to tackle personal, social, and professional growth. It improves your lifestyle, improves your routine, and improves areas like sleep and endurance. In addition, entrepreneurship can be physically demanding. But individuals who prioritize fitness are more likely to translate their well-being into increasing company performance.

Social Development

Personal and professional development can thrive through strong relationships. Socially isolating yourself will only negatively impact your life. Entrepreneurs and executives must forge positive relationships with friends, family, and of course, via career networking. Communicate clearly, have a positive attitude, practice empathy, and manage your expectations. You create not only relationships but also opportunities to influence change. It enables you to devise possibilities to drive personal, business, and community growth.

Spiritual Development

Do you have that feeling of using your knowledge, abilities, and beliefs to serve and uplift others? Many emerging research show how spiritual entrepreneurs drive teams toward growth. Spirituality isn’t only about religious beliefs; it is to connect to yourself, the environment, and your value system. For instance, a daily five-minute meditation practice can set you on a spiritual journey. Being spiritual promotes excellent leadership and helps you embrace the abundant opportunities to build new ventures.

Grow Your Business Confidently

To make magic happen, here’s a little breakdown of how you must go about planning for the year. These steps aren’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You can tweak them as per your unique circumstances. But these steps are a complete differentiator in what will make or break your business while you try to level up. 

  • Analyze your long-term vision and goals. Remember where you’re headed and why.
  • Perform a SWOT analysis once every quarter to unveil crucial internal and external business information. It’ll prepare you as a firefighter who’s ready for the battle.
  • Choose SMART goals, ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Also, set macro goals that can align well with your needs. 
  • Plan for the MUST hit, SHOULD hit, and COULD hit objectives. Think bigger, and aim for numbers or goals you think of hitting but never could, indicating your personal drives and values.
  • Once you set your goals, define a timeline and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor success. 
  • To give your goals a kickstart, prioritize strategic initiatives to achieve those. Also, have a master plan for implementing these initiatives, ensuring you’re on track.
  • As soon as you establish your goals, hold accountability for your successes and failures to keep improving month after month for years to come. 
  • Finally, think positive, be willing to overcome problems, and stay focused, creative, and passionate.

To Conclude

As I wrap up, I’d like to remind you that your business planning must support you every step of the way, not just in the entrepreneurial or executive role but as a whole human. 

You might start planning immediately or want to go at your pace. Remember, anything is possible unless the plans are laid out adequately. A workable and strategic plan will help you achieve goals while keeping your business on track. Use this framework to see how much simpler even those big, ambitious, and audacious goals feel.


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