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How I Manage my Email Inbox to Zero Everyday

The dreaded email inbox.

If you are anything like me, you hate having to organize and keep track of all of your email. The constant barrage of spam. Newsletters subscriptions that seem to have taken on a life of their own. New client requests that sometimes get missed due to the constant visual noise.

It can all get a bit overwhelming.

About a year ago I decided to look for an efficient way to help clean my email inbox. One that would allow me to do so with very little effort. After some digging I discovered SaneBox-an email service that does just that.

And let me tell you, this simple service is a game changer.

(Special gift at the end of this blog)

Meet SaneBox, My Email Inbox Manager

SaneBox offers users the chance to easily sort through their inbox within minutes so that they can tackle just the important stuff. When you first login, the service reviews your messages to analyze which ones should matter to you. From there, it filters out all but the essentials messages from contacts that you interact with daily.

Other messages are initially placed into several folders-giving you the convenience to look through them without them clogging up your primary inbox. Best of all, SaneBox is intuitive. So the more you use it, the more it learns which messages are important to you.

How I use SaneBox
When I normally check my inbox every morning and afternoon, I look to separate my email into one of three categorized boxes:

•  Action- these are the ones that I respond to immediately

•  Delegate- messages that I normally forward and file to others or

•  Defer – emails that I elect to respond to later. These messages are filed either as SnoozeAfternoon, SnoozeTomorrow or SnoozeNextWeek. 

*You can train your emails in a Snooze folder to reappear in your inbox. The above is how I built mine.

If you have an assistant like me or a virtual assistant, they also give you a way to have a login to help sort and organize these activities together.

For messages that don’t easily fit into the categories above, they are identified as either:

•  SaneNewsletter – a convenient box for all of my newsletters and subscriptions

•  SaneBulk- for transactions and receipts

•  SaneWeekend- stuff that I want to catch up on when I have inbox

The wonderful thing about SaneBox is that you have a lot of flexibility in designating boxes. Which is why I even have two additional boxes for my assistant to access when there are pertinent issues for me to deal with.

Remember that over time as you move emails into your smart boxes it will learn to move the email over and then it will automatically move it back again into your inbox if you use the “snooze” feature. Not everything needs to be addressed immediately!

Making the transition to SaneBox has saved me hours and hours of time. In fact, I can say with certainty I went to bed with zero emails in my inbox 90% of the time last year. 

Try for yourself

I’m definitely a big fan of SaneBox and I know that you will be too. Which is why I reached out to them to ask if they could offer my readers a chance to try the service for themselves.

They delivered with a gift for my friends

If you go to  – you will be able to take advantage of a 14 day free trial. As an added bonus with my link here, they also agreed to provide everyone a $25 credit (this covers the first 3 months of service). That $25 credit only works if you use my link here for you. In full transparency, I became a partner and will receive a reward as well. However, please know I wouldn’t do this unless I fully believed in their product.

Key Takeaway

We all struggle with the ability to organize our email inbox efficiently. Using this program will give you greater control every time you use it. One added bonus is that you will have the chance to personalize the organizational layout so that is reflective of how you and your team might use it together.

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