How Marcus Sheridan Transforms Stress Into Inspiration

by The BK Show Podcast

Marcus Sheridan joins Bryan Kramer for the second episode of the BK Show, deconstructing human behavior to find tactics and tools to create peak performance. After being close to filing banktruptcy with in-ground pool company, River Pools, Marcus did something very few people are able to do: he redirected this incredible stress into new creativity. He not only brought the company back from the edge, but he also helped build it into one of the most successful in-ground pool companies in the world, with about a half a million visitors a month.

The company has also grown to manufacture their own pools, not just install them. Since this incredible transformation, Marcus has undergone his own personal transformation from just a partner in a swimming pool company to one of the premier thought leaders in the digital sales/marketing space, one of the most sought-out content marketing coaches and consultants, and an award winning speaker.

Today on the Bryan Kramer Show, Marcus shares his incredibly inspiring story and some of the excellent wisdom he’s gained over his career. He dives into distilling our thoughts, moments of magic, and how to tell your story most effectively.

In This Episode

  • What makes a great event
  • Drawing on your creativity in your most stressful moments
  • How to develop teaching and learning in everyday conversation
  • The marketable value of being able to simplify information
  • The power of asking questions
  • The buffet principle
  • The number one determining factor in your ability to be successful
  • Why running a podcast is a great tool for learning

[Tweet “I’m obsessed with asking: ‘Am I moving? Am I progressing?’ What drives me?”  @TheSalesLion”]

“The greatest thinkers in the world, the smartest ones, when they pull up a seat at the table, and the teacher’s teaching; they don’t also try to be the teacher. They try to be the listener. They take it all in and the ones who continue to do that just go up, up, and away.” @TheSalesLion

“For a long time in my life, I had no idea what I was or what I was supposed to do. What drives me is the idea that I just might be progressing along this road of creating what is it I’m supposed to create and doing that thing I’m supposed to do. And I’m not too obsessed with what ‘it’ is, I’m obsessed with, ‘Am I moving? Am I progressing?’ What drives me is the idea of growth and creation. I’m okay not knowing where it is.” @TheSalesLion

“Teaching and great communication is universal. From now until the end of time, there will be a thirst for it.” @TheSalesLion