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Human-to-Human Matters More Now Than Ever

The world has become one big, interconnected community. Now with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, so many of our connections with one another have been put on hold, leaving a void in our professional and personal lives. Even though we can’t physically interact with each other at the moment, we still need human-to-human (H2H) connections more than ever.

How can you promote H2H connectivity in your role as a business leader? Here are some suggestions that may help:

Leverage Video-Conferencing Capabilities

Experts say that body language can account for over half of the message conveyed in a typical conversation. While in-person interactions may not be viable right now, can you use video-conferencing technology to recover a bit of the “personal touch” in your communications? Allowing others to see your facial expressions and gestures (and vice versa) can go a long way towards engaging them in the discussion.

Live streams are another piece of the puzzle. In a world where TV news programs are becoming the default way to stay connected and safe at the same time, a live-streamed seminar or other events can feed a hunger that people have for real-time interactions. Events that allow participation are even better (think of an interactive Zoom conference as an example).


Personalize Your Messaging

At this moment in history, personalization is critical. Can you reach out to consumers, employees, colleagues, or even friends and family members for intimate digital video conversations? Can you send personalized messages to each of your contacts, without even having an agenda? In other words, can you give of your time and attention without asking for anything in return? Taking that one step further, can you ask what others need, and do what you can to fill those needs?

Reaching out to others without ulterior motives is at the heart of the human-to-human concept. Send someone a note; give them a call; reach out via FaceTime or Skype. Diamonds are formed under pressure; now is the time to let your attractive qualities shine before others.

Be Sensitive to the Feelings of Others in Your Marketing

Right now, some people are stressed. Some people are scared. Everyone is dealing with changes. Now is not the time to try to shove your product or service down consumers’ throats. Instead, you must tread carefully with your marketing messages. Whether they want it or not, people need their space right now. Respect that.

Don’t ignore the fact that this current crisis is providing you with a golden opportunity to promote empathy, understanding, and trust within your consumer base. You can show that you’re not just out for the money – you really have your customers’ best interests at heart. Your customers will appreciate your sensitivity to their needs and preferences, and reward you 100-fold after all is said and done.

In the meantime, focus on refining your business. Make those long-delayed tweaks and adjustments to your business processes that you’ve already identified, but never had the time to implement. Once the crisis has passed, your company will emerge on the other side stronger and more focused than ever before.

Sow Empathy, Reap Loyalty

In summary, now is the perfect time to sow the seeds of empathy. People need to stay connected to the outside world without compromising their health or safety. Modern technology allows company leaders to fill many of the gaps in connectivity with their colleagues, employees, and consumers. If your customers see that you are truly attuned to their hopes, fears, and needs, they will reward you with loyalty.

Of course, creating the space to be with your consumers, as a group and individually, is only half the battle. Once the stage has been set, you want to provide them with an exceptional human-to-human experience. So keep your audience front of mind. Don’t focus on the numbers or the stats – focus on the people. Better yet, focus on the individual.

In today’s market, forward-looking company leaders no longer think in terms of B2B or B2C. Instead, it’s all about H2H. If you remember that, especially now in this time of global crisis, then you’ll be able to help your consumers through a difficult period, and hopefully build up your brand in the process.

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