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Learn Why Webinars are Still a Huge Thing with @Jon_Schumacher

Webinars are modern-day web versions of typical seminars in which a speaker is able to interact with an audience and learn from each other, live online. As such, they are great, highly flexible tools for sending messages across based on your various business goals. But how relevant are webinars today and how huge is its impact on your operations?webinars

Jon Schumacher was a successful physical therapist who decided to leave the healthcare space to pursue his true passion, building his own business online.

He started doing marketing webinars part-time, realized how much he enjoyed it and saw the need for helping clients launch their own profitable webinars. In the summer of 2015, he went full time, teaching people how to create live videos, selling courses, consulting, and coaching equally-passionate experts looking to create sustainable businesses online.
In This Episode

  • How Jon went from physical therapist to full-time webinar specialist and consultant
  • Why live video establishes one of the strongest human-to-human connections especially from a business standpoint
  • How to make sales webinars that are to your advantage from the introduction, content, offer, to the Q&A section
  • How long introductions should be and what they should contain
  • How to make content that teaches away the objections that people may have that tend to block offers
  • How to avoid creating webinars that fail and instead nurture engagement till you effect change
  • How to overcome first-time webinar creation jitters, how to get an audience and first-timer webinar tools
  • The categories of webinars, its uses, and its huge future potential
  • Differences between webinars and e-learning
  • How important replay strategies are in boosting, doubling, or tripling your sales
  • How to make successful Facebook ads

Quotes From this Episode

[Tweet ““Video is going to be the future of communication in many ways.” – @Jon_Schumacher”]

“I’d like the introduction to be about 10 minutes or less. Gone are the days of, ‘Look at me…my kids’..spending 20-30 minutes on yourself. That’s a good way to get people dropping off your webinar quickly.”

“The big picture for your introduction is really to do a couple things. One is to define the problem gap and define why they should care about what you’re sharing.” – Jon Schumacher

“And if possible, use third-party validation if you can…so it’s not just me saying it, but it’s actually smart people, other smart people saying that.” – Jon Schumacher

“You need to understand the objections in your market. Otherwise, your sales presentation isn’t gonna synch. You’re gonna teach a process, they’re gonna clap their hands, and leave the webinar, and that will be end of it.” – Jon Schumacher

“When we combine the three..objection breaking, the storytelling.., with the teaching points, that makes for a powerful content..” – Jon Schumacher

“No one cares..that you have a webinar…they just care that they have a problem that you can hopefully solve.” – Jon Schumacher

[Tweet ““It’s about connection, not perfection.” – @Jon_Schumacher”]

“A webinar is like a telephone, you can use it however you want.” – Jon Schumacher


Jon Schumacher

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