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Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand featuring @JennyQ

Not only is Jenny a livestreaming superstar, she’s also a great friend of mine who’s always bursting with innovative and creative ideas while championing new, exciting ways to connect with people. I’m sure you’ll agree that the friends that challenge your thinking and bring insightful perspectives to the table are definitely the best kind…and ace dinner party guests too.

When Jenny’s around – things always get interesting, so I feel super stoked to introduce her book and share a little bit about why it’s unmissable.

As someone who’s always looking for the most effective forms of human-centric marketing, livestreaming jumps out at me as the perfect tool to show off your brand’s personality and authentic voice. I’m the founder of the Human to Human marketing movement and I spend lots of time writing, promoting and chatting about the benefits of honest, meaningful relationships with customers. It’s what I do and when I find other people that totally get that idea and endorse tools that embody the same humanizing ethos – well, you can count me in.

Jenny is an incredibly astute, pioneering marketer and she’s passionate about communicating how you can use livestreaming as a cornerstone of your brand’s marketing strategy to build a loyal customer base.

Whether you’re looking to build your authority with a personal brand, take your new business venture to the next level, attract the best new talent, re-brand your marketing strategy or just love having a dialogue with your audiences– this one is for you.

Livestreaming is still a relatively fresh concept and its dramatic upsurge is in part due to the fantastic content creators that use it to produce their personalized output and also the behind-the-scenes marketers who push its benefits.

Pivoting your digital presence toward video content is a very shrewd move. After all, these young whippersnappers we like to label Generation Z, are going to consume more and more video content, especially on mobile. They’re digital natives with an annual purchasing power of 44bn – meeting them on the platforms that they hang out on is crucial. You wouldn’t want to miss the boat on this one, would you? Video rules and your brand should prepare for the connection, dynamism and rapid reactions that Generation Z is used to.

Enter – livestreaming.

With Jenny’s guidance and on-the-money commentary, you’ll learn why livestreaming is the next best thing you can adopt for your brand and how you can maximize your ROI by creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with customers. Become confident about launching live video on any number of platforms, from Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram. Jenny’s perfectly positioned to show small businesses how to embrace livestreaming and get creative.

From the technology you’ll need to create informative and entertaining live videos to the techniques you can use to produce engaging, personality-packed content – Jenny will walk you through her tips, tricks, and know-how.

Jenny’s book is packed full of her entrepreneurial experience, with loads of examples and case studies to illustrate how brands and entrepreneurs have harnessed live streaming to build their business. She’ll show you how it’s not just digital stores and brands that are best placed to livestream – brick-and-mortar businesses can also join the party and monetize their vids and show off new products.

If your brand doesn’t pivot towards more video content, your brand could easily fall behind. It makes business sense to implement livestreaming into your digital strategy and as Jenny highlights – it’s low risk and high reward. After years of intense involvement in livestreaming tech, learn from the best with Jenny’s years of experience, expertly illustrated with this highly informative and engaging book.

I was honored to write the above forward for Jenny Q’s new book which can be purchased on Amazon here 
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