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Replay #H2HChat The Key Elements for Building Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Social network analysis has always pointed to the presence of influential “nodes”- people who have disproportionate influence within a conversation and subsequent actions. The advent of Facebook and other social networks has allowed marketers to visualize those networks and focus their messaging directly to those “Influencers” so that they can in turn spread it to their followers.
Sounds great right? But of course the difficulty lies in the execution. We are influenced by many people depending on the decision that we’re going to make. A brand must find the influencer that matches the particularly behavior they want to induce. Then the brand must develop a relationship with the influencer in such a way that they are willing to to exert her or his influence for the brand’s benefit. The strategy is tricky. Particularly since once you have an influencer’s attention you want to make sure to stay in their good graces. The last thing a brand wants is to have an influencer have a bad experience and begin to use her or his influencer to badmouth the brand!

Influencer marketing has incredible payoffs but a successful campaign is very tricky. Join Bryan and Suzie as they speak with Julie Zisman of LittleBird and Dustin Luther from Dun & Bradstreet about the keys to executing a successful influencer campaign. We’ll cover everything from identification to analyzing results so you won’t want to miss it!

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