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Staying Top of Mind with @JohnHall

How to be unforgettable? With so much that’s happening all around, how do you appeal to that side of people where they will consider you as unforgettable? If you are trying to push a product, an idea, a service or whatever it is that you are working on, you would want for your target audience to remember it enough to get prompted into action according to your desired goal. How to make you, as a company or business leader, stay on top of your audience’s mind is what this episode is all about.

John Hall is in the business of helping thought leaders and companies grow. He is co-founder of Influence & Co. which has been tagged as a fastest-growing company since its inception. His main goal is to share how business leaders can gain the trust of specific audiences via an engaging content strategy. He also has a weekly column at,, and other well-known publications. Recently, he completed the book, “Staying on Top of Mind.” following his years of experience in the industry.

In this Episode

● How “Staying Top of Mind” came into fruition

● How to put together a book efficiently and effectively using a content strategy

● How to make idea content that works by making it data-driven, educational, and amusing

● How to decipher interesting vs. less-interesting content and how to make engaging content

● The importance of documenting the content strategy that you adopt for the modern buyer-consumer

● How to appeal to your target audiences’ long-term memory and not just their short-term memory at the perfect time

● How, when, and how long to engage people and develop their trust in your brand

● How to form long-term, trust touch points including developing genuine helpfulness
Quotes From this Episode

“If you’re interested in doing a book, it should be a part of a larger content strategy and you shouldn’t just be doing a book.” – John Hall

“Anybody who is doing one [content strategy] it should be very should test and once you figure out what works, you keep going and you learn from it.” – John Hall

“I wanna be very focused on how we can get people into engaging with our brand but the whole time they’re feeling that they can trust us.” – John Hall

“Vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. You wanna be there for people.” – John Hall

“But also, you want to develop that trust where it goes from the short-term to long-term memory.” – John Hall

“…what forms our content ideation..truly listening to people and understanding what they find engaging, or what they find valuable.” – John Hall

“Nobody should be doing manual stuff these days and especially if you’re going to scale human to human connection and trust, you have to have tools that do it for you.” – John Hall

“The people that I deal with, I’m not just dealing with them just to make money of them..Part of me living and enjoying life is getting and forming real relationships.” – John Hall


John Hall

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Staying Top of Mind

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