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Building Mental Toughness as an FBI Agent with @LaRaeQuy

What does it take to be a female FBI agent and succeed at it? Achieving mental toughness is a lot of hard work but if you want to pursue it, it can be made possible. And the first thing to achieving mental toughness involves constantly getting out of your comfort zone and continually pursuing your next best self.

Next, is developing the emotional intelligence to deal with any situation with competence instead of simply reacting to it. In-depth self-awareness coupled with genuine interpersonal relationships are likewise essential to success in any individual or business venture. Mental toughness is all about taking the reigns over your circumstances and prevailing over it, instead of allowing your circumstances to eat you alive.

LaRae Quy was with the FBI for 24 years as an undercover and counterintelligence agent. Her mission was to expose foreign spies and turn them around to recruit them for the US government instead. Over the years, she developed a sense of mental toughness given the risky and deceptive environment that she was often confronted with. Today, she shares the essentials of mental toughness to individuals and businesses as a consultant and speaker.

She adopts a no-nonsense approach to enhancing one’s mental strength for personal empowerment and success, with consideration for their overall behavioral and emotional development. She put together her life’s work in her books, “Mental Toughness For Women Leaders: 52 Tips To Recognize and Utilize Your Greatest Strengths” and “Secrets of A Strong Mind.”

In This Episode

  • What it takes to get recruited into the FBI
  • How to get past your success comfort zone and achieve more
  • How self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and developing emotional competency contribute to mental toughness
  • How truly understanding others in the same way we understand ourselves impacts business success
  • How to develop resiliency and mental toughness through your attitude and way of thinking
  • The fixed-mindset vs. the growth-mindset
  • How to nurture positive-thinking especially in the worst of situations
  • How to apply effective FBI principles into the industrial/business set up


Quotes From This Episode

“Push the edge. Keep moving into some sort of discomfort zone.” – LaRae Quy

“Your lack of ability to understand yourself makes you stupid.” – LaRae Quy

“We are going to be more successful, more quickly and more efficiently, if we do understand not only what makes us tick but what makes others tick as well.” – LaRae Quy

“If the real you isn’t there somewhere, you’re not gonna be successful in anything you do.” – LaRae Quy

“Resilience is simply taking responsibility…it’s looking it in the face and determining how you can get through this obstacle…” – LaRae Quy

“All of us can learn to be mentally tough. I mean, it’s not something you’re born with. It’s something each and everyone of us can learn.” – LaRae Quy

“..and I would define Mental Toughness as prevailing in our circumstances rather than expecting our circumstances to change.” – LaRae Quy

“So, if you can control the way you think about what’s in front of you, you can find a way to get around it.” – LaRae Quy

“Come up with 5 positive thoughts. You have to hunt the good stuff because when something is not happening in a good way around you, it’s really hard to look for good stuff.” – LaRae Quy

“Kill ‘em with competence.” – LaRae Quy


LaRae Quy

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Books by LaRae Quy:


Mental Toughness For Women Leaders

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