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The Age of Context with Robert Scoble


The Age of Context: 

I’m honored to share this new Substance interview:  The Age of Context, an interview with Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer at Rackspace, author, global speaker, and new media phenomenon.

On this episode, Robert discusses the five core elements to being successful in the “Age of Context” from his soon to be released book with Shel Israel (more from him in an upcoming Substance interview.) Often referred to as “The Scobleizer,” he shares how technology, culture and innovation has changed journalism forever.

Robert will be keynoting the C2SV: Creative Convergence Silicon Valley conference ( in September. As a San Jose native, Robert welcomes technologists and marketers in the Bay Area to join him at this inaugural conference the San Jose Silicon Valley Business Journal has dubbed “Silicon Valley’s answer to SXSW.”

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