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The Thin Line Between Your Impact and Why

I come across clients who tell me that they want to impact their businesses and lives. Some are leaders in developing startups or tech giants, mid-career professionals pursuing their next big job, or millennials seeking meaning. They detail success as having this thing they call “impact.”

When I ask individuals “why,” I can tell they are struggling to find the words. The impact is this vague idea, so people struggle to articulate why their goal should be an “impact” goal instead of any other type of goal (e.g., directional, aspiration). But what are the two all about?

The Difference Between Impact and Why

My View

I believe that the ‘why’ statement is the purpose of your goal or what you are trying to achieve, while ‘impact’ results from achieving your goal, which others will feel in a more general sense (e.g., energy and enthusiasm). If we understand why before indulging, then our direction becomes more explicit.

Impact statements guide people down the path from where they are now to their desired future state — it forces them to visualize what I call “the map.”

Others’ View

Of course, the concept of an impactful life and how to build it looks different for everyone. For some coaches, it might be about creating a business that impacts others. For others, it’s about creating the next Oprah or Tony Robbins. And if you cross other coaches’ paths, an impactful life is all about fulfilling your potential to make a difference and leave things better than you found them.

But What is Impact?

The understanding impact is robust! It’s about the difference an individual or organization can make. The effect inflicted on people and changing them for the better.

The Impact of My Work

Do I make a difference? That’s what every client wants to know. The key here is not just offering clients my services but supporting them along the way as well! Why? The impact is about making a fundamental, lasting difference in people’s lives and how they feel about themselves.

I am committed to affecting others by providing high-quality services, seminars, presentations, and workshops, making people more successful on all levels of consciousness. I want my services (and other businesses) to have meaning beyond myself.


How is Impact Used to Create Change?

It can be challenging for clients to conceptualize what an impactful life or business would look like. It may take a while before they find their path to better living. Whether a company is environmental or a broader economic one, it needs a better understanding of how it impacts its customers. Impact changes the way people feel about your products, not just for a moment but over time as they evolve in life or business.

People have used “impact” to create change in their lives and organizations. An example of this in action would be: Impact investing, Impact brand, and Impact marketing.

Impact marketing entails the use of advertising to create a social impact. For example, marketers and advertisers believe they can help solve global problems like environmental degradation by increasing awareness about these issues through their ads.

Impact investing is the practice of making investments in companies and organizations with positive social, environmental, or other sustainable ways. Impact investors use their money to help solve universal problems by supporting these issues through their investment choices.

Impactful brands take the pressure off their customers by providing them with an experience or product that will dramatically affect their lives.

Example: Government investors invest in private companies with social or environmental impact. While growing their overall endowment, banks provide their clients with socially responsible investments. Companies are finding new and innovative ways to give back to society, leading more people into this growing market.

How Do Coaches and Consultants Make an Impact?

The goal of this kind of leader, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, or consultant should be to leave a legacy that will continue after they are gone—the greater good for those who come behind them and change the world.

Coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants help their clients integrate impact into their lives and business. They take time to understand their clients’ needs, learn their personal or professional goals, and help them focus on achieving them.


I firmly believe that Impact vs. Why statements are two different things for a reason. Why statements do not create the same impact with the customer because they do not clarify anything. Impact focuses on results, and outcome creates meaning through service work (such as my own).

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