Human-to-Human Healing with @LisaWhelchel

by Business, Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast


In This Episode

  • How she faces shifts in her life
  • How to approach insurmountable things in order to climb the mountains and go over the top
  • Is it worth the cost to go forth and do something when you’re deciding to make a shift and then have a moment when you think, “Should I do this?”
  • Where her source came from to be able to be with unintentional outcomes
  • A leadership lesson that changed her way of approaching everything in life

Quotes From This Episode

“Healing really does need to be human to human.” – @LisaWhelchel

“I’m not rejecting my faith as Christ’s follower, but I’m breaking out of the confine of the box of Christianity, and I’m experiencing God in ways that are beyond that.” – @LisaWhelchel

“You might be telling yourself, ‘this will pass,’ or you cry or you feel whatever you’re feeling… you hang on..a lot of times I can’t move forward, but I can’t move backward either, and that’s okay. You wait it out.” – @LisaWhelchel

“I do know that transformation historically happens in stillness and silence.” – @LisaWhelchel



Lisa Diane Whelchel is an American actress, singer, songwriter, auth or, and public speaker. She is known for her appearances as a Mouseketeer on The New Mickey Mouse Club and her nine-year role as the preppy and wealthy Blair Warner on The Facts of Life.


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