Shifting Through Tragedy with @OrlandoBowen

by Featured, Humanly Possible Podcast

Orlando Bowen

One thing to note is that this interview was recorded two days prior to George Floyd’s passing. Orlando’s message rings so loudly now more than ever.

In This Episode

  • Shifts in his life that stand out and really make a difference
  • What life-altering event forced him to shift
  • The perspective of seeing shifts immediately or is there emotion at first that shifts eventually
  • How Orlando shifted his perspective of the cops who assaulted him
  • How Orlando came to terms with giving himself to the process because he somehow knew it would all work out
  • How Orlando is using a tragic event to elevate others

Quotes From This Episode

“Find hope so that we can give hope to people who find themselves in a situation where they will argue that they shouldn’t have been at all.” – @orlandobowen

“We’re not designed to hate, we’re not designed to try to turn each other down.” – @orlandobowen

“Human experience, where we are being challenged to find that hope. We’re being challenged to look for what’s going to be possible and what’s going to be positive. Going through this, and we’re committed to growing through this, cause it’s not just getting through it.” – @orlandobowen

“I will do everything I can, with what I have, with whatever energy I have, whatever result I have to help people understand they can get through challenging times, that their life matters, their voice matters and that we’re in this thing together.” – @orlandobowen

“I have a responsibility to show up and to serve in a way that gives hope even when it may seem like there’s no reason to have hope.” – @orlandobowen


orlando bowenOrlando Bowen is a keynote speaker focused on equipping people to get off the sidelines and become difference-makers on their teams and in the lives of those around them. He is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who works with corporations, small businesses and non-profits. When it comes to building teams, creating momentum and employing winning strategies, Orlando is the real deal. He is also passionate about youth leadership. As a result of that passion, he founded One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization to inspire and to teach resilience, leadership and teamwork to youth.


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