Making Influencer Marketing Work For You with @bryankramer

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This Is the Time to Get Involved

Influencer marketing is the next step in the evolution of marketing, PR, digital, and social.

There comes a time when every marketer faces challenge of building their own credibility, especially in the modern marketplace which is using social media more and more. Many companies are looking to include influencer marketing as part of their promotional mix to build that credibility with their customers.

Building an army of influencers can help companies of all sizes harness the immense power of word-of-mouth marketing and make it workBryan Kramer Army of Influencers for you. But not all influencers are created equal and the trick is finding the right influencer for your product.

Start by asking three questions:

What is their potential reach? Who is their audience? And is your product relevant to them?

Once you’ve found an influencer, the goal is to increase your brand recognition while making your influencers (and their audience) feel special. Keeping the relationship fun, building a community to keep the conversation going, and relinquishing control of the message to your influencer are some things that go a long way towards leveraging the influencer’s reach and staying on message.

Listen in as Bryan shares these tips and more on using influencer marketing to take your product from zero to hero in no time.

 In This Episode

  • The modern-day marketer challenge of building credibility
  • How an army of influencers can tip the scales in your brand’s favor
  • How and why user-generated content and social shares are impacting the majority of your customer’s purchasing decisions
  • Why activating an influencer means balancing your product’s exposure with making them feel special

Quotes From This Episode

[Tweet “”You can accomplish so much using human value.” —@bryankramer”]

“Word of mouth directly influences 50% of purchase decisions.” —@bryankramer

“Find the right influencer for your product.” —@bryankramer

[Tweet “”Treat everyone like a VIP well before you need them.” —@bryankramer”]

“It’s a relationship-driven marketing tactic.” —@bryankramer

“You have to keep the conversation going if you want your program to last.” —@bryankramer

“The beauty of influencer marketing is that it can be easily applied to companies of all sizes.” —@bryankramer