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Transforming Leadership Architecture with @HendreCoetzee

Looking to the future could be the last thing on your mind especially when there is so much about the everyday life that you have to deal with. Hendre Coetzee had the privilege of being asked by no less than Nelson Mandela himself the question on what he can contribute to the new world and this laid the foundation for his own transformation. However, there is a need to acknowledge the past and then liberate yourself (as an individual or an organization) from its clutches if you are to achieve the success of the future. Change is not going to be easy, but identifying what motivates people internally, equipping them with the right mindset and skill set, and having shared experiences with them, can help gradually lead them towards that change.

Hendre Coetzee lives in Orange Country, California, in Irvine for about 16 years now but is originally from South Africa and grew up there. He has also lived in Europe for some time. He is multi-talented, is interested in, and does a lot of things, but is best known as an executive coach in the business world. His passion is in helping people get through transitional stages or huge transformations in the individual or organizational level. With some partners, he also does executive search in a unique manner and help organizations design leadership architecture in relation to performance optimization and sales in a highly technological environment.
In This Episode

  • How Hendre’s life in South Africa significantly contributed to who he is today as a Transformation Specialist
  • How letting go of the past can provide individidual or organizational perspective while looking to the future provides direction
  • How “resistant” individuals can be driven towards the change that you want to achieve in the organization
  • How exposing and dealing with people’s fear about change help them overcome it
  • How immersive-style engagement drives individuals to shift or change more through a deep action-based experience
  • How emotional connection and shared experiences transform individuals and organizational relationships
  • How to generate true commitment, effort, and momentum for people to take action
  • How to deal with resistance and resistant individuals including contrarians, and cynics
  • How to navigate through tension especially in relation to sales
  • How to transform people using match-pace-lead

Quotes From This Episode

“People get to a certain point where they have a measure of success…a pivotal turning point…and it’s very hard to explore the future for people if they’re holding on to the past.” – Hendre Coetzee

[Tweet ““When people lose perspective of the future, they don’t act well in the present.” – @HendreCoetzee”]

“There’s two reasons people change…one is, they’re so clear about what they want, they’ll do anything to get there.” – Hendre Coetzee

“We have some fantastic research that shows that there’s neuroplasticity in the brain that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can actually learn certain things.” – Hendre Coetzee

[Tweet ““It’s not important just to hear your people’s stories, go out and work with them.” @HendreCoetzee”]

“I gotta work with your head and then work with your heart in order to get to your hand.” – Hendre Coetzee

“The challenge is, just because you know what to do doesn’t mean you’re actually gonna do it.” – Hendre Coetzee

“I think resistance is fantastic. When people resist it, it really reveals something.” – Hendre Coetzee

“I have to create a personal view of the future of myself in it before I’m gonna act into it.” – Hendre Coetzee


Hendre Coetzee

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Twitter: @HendreCoetzee|


Shiftability (Book by Hendre Coetzee)

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