Replay #H2HChat Why Brand Partnerships Are the Future of Marketing

Authentic relationships leading to community creation and activation are core tenants of Human-to-Human (H2H) marketing strategy. In a H2H world, the marketing landscape is populated by niche communities clustered around brand-based nodes each underpinned by authentic human relationships. In this landscape, brands have the opportunity to tap into each other’s communities by creating H2H partnerships with each other for mutual content marketing benefit. Such partnerships are marked by creating additional and often symbiotic value for each brand’s niche community. Welcome to the world of “Brandscaping”

We are proud to have author and marketing strategist Andrew Davis join Bryan and Suzie on H2HChat to talk about his most recent book “Brandscaping: Unlocking the Power of Partnerships”. This is a book that The Content Marketing Institute calls “brilliant and groundbreaking” and we absolutely agree. This model is applicable to everyone- from the enterprise to the small business to the entrepreneur. Join to learn how unconventional brand partnerships can revolutionize your marketing strategy.