Replay #H2HChat “Why Mindfulness Should be in Your Marketing Mix” with Janet Fouts

by #H2HChat, Marketing

It has often been said that the average person is met with over 5,000 marketing messages in a single day. And while that number has been disputed over the years, one thing is clear. The promotion field has given way to clutter when it comes to the number of advertising seen daily. From sponsored tweets and targeted YouTube advertising to traditional radio jingles-it’s now an accepted part of the vast amount of communication available. But how does one distinguish one ad from another? What makes a message resonate with consumers above the countless others out there? For many businesses, the answer can be found within mindful marketing practices.

Mindful marketing is a consumer centered approach that closely aligns a company’s interests with that of society. It’s advertising that not only increases shareholder’s values-but also upholds and supports the values of a more just and sustainable world.

Join Suzie and our special guest host Rachel Miller as they chat with business coach and best selling author Janet Fouts about what it means to be a mindful marketer. This chat is tailor made for your hectic Monday!

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