By Bryan Kramer | #H2HChat, Marketing

Replay #H2HChat How Creativity is Like Sex with Courtney Smith

Join Bryan and Suzie for a very special conversation with Courtney Smith, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at PureMatter, on her upcoming book “21 Reasons why Creativity is like sex”. If that title isn’t enough to get you to sign-up here’s the book’s summary:

“Creativity is valued like a magical gift or talent that either you have or don’t, but I argue that everyone is creative in their own unique way. This book, in a very cheeky but fun and professional way, explores the 21 reasons why creativity is like sex, and why, if you’re human, you have something interesting and special to offer people kind. Each reason headlines a chapter that is full of personal anecdotes, insights from notable creative professionals, fun and cool examples and wisdom that is meant to inspire, but could also just leave you saying “that’s what she said.””

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