Sally Hogshead and the Art of Fascination

by Commentary, The BK Show Podcast

The Science Behind Why We Pay Attention

Sally Hogshead boasts an impressive list of accomplishments: Hall of Fame speaker, Top 5 Speaker in the US, 2015 Top 10 Brand Guru in the World, and most award-winning copywriter in the US (just to name a few). Rocketing to the top of the advertising world at age 24, Sally’s portfolio of ad work includes memorable campaigns for Coca-Cola, Mini Cooper, Nike, and Godiva.

She has taken her experience and observations of human behavior to the next level with groundbreaking research into the science of fascination. Based on a decade of research with more than 700,000 participants, including dozens of Fortune 500 teams, hundreds of small businesses, and over a thousand C-level executives, she has created a revolutionary system for creating a powerful presence that is both memorable and compelling.

 Listen in as Sally discusses how and why her unique approach to being fascinating is a game-changer for brands across the globe.

In This Episode

  •  The history and power behind fascination
  • Why it’s not about being better than your competitor
  • The importance of having a speciality and over-delivering
  • How to get over pitfalls with the 3 D’s: Delegate, Discipline, Delete
  • Why a low point in your life is an opportunity for reflection and improvement

Quotes From This Episode

“To fascinate is to bewitch or hold captive so your listener is powerless to resist… This is a force that human beings have respected and feared throughout time, why did we stop?” —@SallyHogshead

“The problem is we try to be better than our competitors and as a result we end up spending all of our time grading ourselves against what other people are doing. If you’ve got the biggest budget in your category, than you can be better because you can simply outspend people. But if you’re not the biggest, then don’t try to be the best… try to focus on being different in one specific way.” —@SallyHogshead

“In order to be fully self-expressed in our work and add maximum value, we have to know the areas where we are most likely to add the most value to be seen in the best possible light so that we can impress and influence consistently.” —@SallyHogshead

“Try to find one way in which you are already different and then accentuate that in your marketing so people can remember how you’re different instead of you being in a constant competitive cycle.” —@SallyHogshead

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