YouTubing for Revenue: Sunny Lenarduzzi And The Secret to Successful Video Marketing

by The BK Show Podcast

Press Record.

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a fantastic guide to the world of YouTube marketing. Her impressive roster of video accomplishments includes having earned hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, making history with Applebee’s by earning over 1 billion impressions in 1 day, creating video campaigns for Hootsuite, and being recognized as the “Best in Social Media” by She is also a teacher and speaker; regularly taking her message to places like NATO’s Belgium HQ and CreativeLive in San Francisco. Her clients run the gamut from tech start-ups to social entrepreneurs to authors to corporations. If you have video (and you should), Sunny is your go-to resource for finding success.

With her history and knowledge of video marketing, Sunny is a trusted expert on the current and future prospects of social video. She has grown her business from scratch and learned valuable lessons along the way on how to get comfortable in front of the camera, what tools are truly important for a successful video production, and her ACE method to building a video community.

Listen in as Sunny shares how she got started in video, where it’s going, and how you can comfortably and successfully join the world of video marketing.

In This Episode

  • The pros and cons of resourcefulness in building a business
  • Why live and recorded video are the same production sandwich
  • How embracing transparency leads to an effective YouTube channel
  • Why getting your feet wet with video marketing means using Snapchat with your friends
  • The secret to YouTube rankings
  • How authority, consistency, and engagement leads to a robust video community

Quotes From This Episode

“I truly believe that you can figure out anything that you want to.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi

[Tweet “”If I want to grow and scale my business, I need to outsource and delegate.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi”]

“It’s important to have the right people in the right places. If I don’t love doing something about my business, I should hire somebody who absolutely loves it and wants to do it every day.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi

“The biggest hurdle for clients when it comes to video is the time and resource factor.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi

“Social video has become such a huge trend and I don’t see it going anywhere. We are able to create video content on every single platform in a much easier way than ever before.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi

[Tweet “”You’re not selling a product or a service. You’re selling a sentiment.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi”]

“If you’re nervous about getting on camera, start small with something like Snapchat or Periscope. Ask people who know you if you look authentic to who you are off camera.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi

[Tweet “”The more grateful you are, the more abundance you attract into your life.” —@SunnyLenarduzzi”]