Becoming a Great Speaker and Brilliant Leader with Simon T. Bailey

by The BK Show Podcast

The Power of Relationships

Hall of Fame awarded speaker and Executive Advisor Simon T. Bailey is unlike any guest I have ever had on this show before. A former Disney exec, Simon has taken the unique attitude and business skills taught to him by “the Mouse” and turned it into a 13 year career of successfully helping individuals and companies achieve brilliance in an ordinary world.

With a day that starts bright and early to accommodate necessary “me time”, he spends his weeks with different groups of people (from Fortune 500 companies to trade groups) doing opening or closing keynotes that focus on leadership, building customer experience, or personal development. He is able to inspire such diverse audiences by keeping in mind the four different types of listeners that exist across all professions: the ones who need convincing, the ones who need proof, the ones who want concrete steps, and the ones that are completely overwhelmed.

A strong believer in the power of relationships, Simon built his career the old fashioned way through constantly connecting and growing a network of supporters and advocates.

Listen in as he shares actionable tips and tricks to start a career as a speaker, become a better speaker, and be an inspirational leader.

In This Episode

  • Why a disrupted economy and changing employee base means an evolution in leadership style
  • How engaged employees lead to a positive customer experience
  • Why success means getting out of your own way
  • The Disney approach to recruitment and why it works
  • How to teach an old company new tricks when it comes to hiring

Quotes From This Episode

“Getting centered in the morning helps me to create a better flow throughout the day.” —@SimonTBailey

“Disney taught me to hire for attitude, train for success. Training does not fix what management or leadership does not catch in the interview.” —@SimonTBailey

[Tweet “”They didn’t hire me to do a job. They hired me to create a moment.” —@SimonTBailey”]

“The real business that you’re in right now is the business of moments. From the time you hire employees and you embed the chip to the time that they engage your customers, you’re in the business of moments. That’s it.” —@SimonTBailey

[Tweet “”Relationships are the currency of the future.” —@SimonTBailey”]

“Your job is not to motivate people to do something. Your job is to invite them on a journey to discover how it benefits them and ultimately it will benefit the company.” —@SimonTBailey

“Help employees understand that the brand is not the product or service, but the brand is the emotion, the perception, the moment, and the memory that is created in the experience. Then you tee up the product or service.” —@SimonTBailey

[Tweet “”It’s never about selling. It’s about connecting.” —@SimonTBailey”]