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7 Ways to Succeed in Life and Businesses Each Day

How to succeed in life and business is one of those age-old questions that don’t have a simple answer.

There’s a whole host of contributing factors and specific contexts that can help you to become successful. But whoever you are, there are a few things that everyone can recognize and implement in their daily lives to help you climb higher.

The climb isn’t easy and we’re all climbers. But creating value and enjoying life is something anyone can do, no matter what. And believe it or not, I’m a firm believer that the more you celebrate the faster you climb.

Having a positive, content frame of mind helps you to feel more confident about grabbing opportunities and making the most of them.
First, you have to set some priorities aside and make things clear:

1) Create 2-3 moments of zen a day

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a healthy mindset and set aside time for yourself. Most of us are traveling at 100mph – rushing around all day with work, family and personal commitments.

That’s why it’s a good idea to focus on you and create 2 or 3 moments of zen in a day; the type of moments where you can just stop and collect your thoughts.

succeed in life and business

It might be your morning coffee or it could be taking a walk at lunchtime.

Your thoughts should have a safe space to be explored or you can concentrate on freeing your mind of your worries and responsibilities a couple of times a day. You’ll feel stronger when trying to tackle your responsibilities.

2) Build a list of 50 questions then answer them

Sometimes it’s difficult to confront yourself about pressing issues and problems especially if you want to succeed in life and business. You might be avoiding certain subjects or responsibilities that make you feel uncomfortable or you’re scared of.

But you need to answer questions if you want to grow and climb. Progressing is about taking on new challenges and often, moving out of your comfort zone and testing yourself.

Grab a pen and write down 50 questions – they could be professional or personal, but by posing questions, you’ll be challenging your status quo.

Attempting to answer all of your questions will give you something to think about and help to refocus your priorities. You might not be able to answer them all straight away, but keep a record of them and come back to your questions when it’s relevant.

3) Sit down and fill out a list of people you forgive

Holding a grudge doesn’t get you anywhere.

Grudges can eat away at you and get in the way of your climb and progress. If you spend some of your energy on things beyond your control or on things that have already happened, then you’re diverting your energy away from things you can really change and have an impact over.

Writing down a list of the people that you forgive can help you to deal with situations and gain closure over things that have happened. One of the most important people you can forgive is yourself. You might have made decisions that you regret, but being accountable and accepting that is part of moving forward.

4) Don’t work while you eat lunch
Take some time out. You’ve gotta eat – eating is one of the most pleasurable, enjoyable and sociable things that we do as human beings.

We can bond with each other over eating and take in vital fuel to keep moving forward.

Never work while you eat your lunch. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, I don’t care – you need to have a break and eating is a great excuse.

If you’re not staying healthy, hydrated and nourished then you won’t do your best work or come up with your best ideas. Hey, taking an hour to eat your lunch, go for a walk and chill out, might help you to come up with a great idea. Ideas usually come to us when we least expect it.

Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself through food.

5) Do one thing that makes you happy a day

When you’re happy, you’re more productive, so taking out some time to do something that makes you feel wholesome and content is essential for your mindset and your mental health.

It could be anything from going for a drink with a friend to walking your dog and getting some cuddles in.

Facilitating happiness and bring more enjoyment into your life will help you long-term mindset and hopefully help you to be more positive and equipped to take on challenges.

6) Thank just one person for something and make it a focused thank you

Being humble and grateful are key skills in business and will help you to climb higher. A thank you goes a long way and getting used to praising people and showing your appreciation will make you a better person.

Be on the lookout for people that go the extra mile or people whose effort usually goes unnoticed.

Taking someone aside and giving them a sincere, focused thank you can change the course of their day and make them feel valued. Practicing your appreciation can only be a good thing.

7) Sleep! It’s the most important thing you can do for your body and mind.

Now, this is the big one and I think you’ll be pleased to see that I’m a big advocate of healthy sleep hygiene. Don’t go to sleep yet though, at least read to the end of the article first!

Scientists and medical experts usually agree on around 7-9 hours a night as being the perfect amount of sleep.

Being cranky and tired in the morning won’t mean you’re the best version of yourself and having to rely on heavy doses of caffeine won’t be good for your energy levels in the long run.

A good sleep can re-set your body clock and give you a much-needed rest before you start everything all over again.
One of the running themes throughout this list is to take time out and focus on you. Your wellbeing is so important and it’s critical to succeed in life and business.

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