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Want to Improve Sales – Learn to Sell Without Selling

Although selling should be easy, it is proving to be among the toughest jobs for companies and individuals. Yes, improvement in technology introduces more selling options such as digital marketing. However, today’s competitive environment makes it almost impossible to stay ahead of the competition.

It is time to start rethinking your selling strategy, especially If you have tried so hard with little to no results. Most people fail to realize that making sales is less about the product and more about the customer. Concentrating on the product has created a rather bad rep for the selling business. Salespeople come out as pushy people who want you to purchase something you don’t need or can’t afford.

Changing this narrative is the first step towards increasing sales in your business. Therefore, an entrepreneur must learn how to sell without selling. You need to make money without coming off as an everyday pushy salesman. Here’s everything you need to know about this subtle art.

Understand Your Customer’s Needs

What motivates people to purchase products and services? An experienced coach or consultant knows it is not because they have a lot of money to go around. People buy either to fulfill a personal need or solve a business problem. Learning this basic fact will help you understand your customer’s needs.

Because people love talking about themselves, it’s relatively easy to understand what your customer needs. Ask potential clients questions related to your brand or product to increase engagement and learn more about them. Use intentional silence to trigger your customer’s urge to speak more about themselves and their needs.

Offer a Solution Tailored for their Needs

Your product or service can help solve a wide range of issues. However, learn to understand that your customer is not interested in everything your service or product offers. Instead, the buyers need to know how a particular service or product will solve their current predicament.

Most salespeople overwhelm their customers with numerous ideas on where they might be helpful. It will help if you pick and choose what is essential for every particular customer. Because you understood your customer’s needs, figuring out a tailored solution should be easy.

Be Straightforward and Transparent about The Cost/Offer

You can only make deals when you become transparent and straightforward about price. Your customer will shy away from your product or service the moment you get cagey about the cost/offer. A simple drop in your voice could signal the client to rethink everything.

The internet further complicates everything because your customer can look up prices right on their phones. Therefore, being open and transparent about the cost/offer gains you more trust. It will also help if you can break down costs for your potential clients.  

Use Outcomes to Create an Emotional Connection

According to Harvard Business Review, customers are three times more likely to recommend or buy whatever you are selling if you have an emotional connection. Because customers are re-evaluating how they spend their cash, making an emotional connection becomes paramount. However, how can you build an emotional connection?

The easiest way to establish a connection with your customer is by showing the outcomes. It is rare to come upon a client that will make an immediate purchase after hearing your pitch. Start by assessing the financial impact of the purchase with your customer. Finally, establish the return on investment before moving forward to the closing stages.

Serve Don’t Sell

Always remember you are in the selling business to serve your customers, not push products and services. Your main agenda should be about ensuring the customer gets his/her needs fulfilled. Doing this will ensure your pitch doesn’t seem ‘salesy’ in any way.

However, this does not mean that you can’t promote your product. You can always use the 80/20 rule when pitching to potential prospects. Build customer relationships by ensuring 80% is from them and 20% is about your product or service.


Learn from The Experts

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