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Intentional Silence: Creating a Deeper Connection with Others

All coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs will tell you that sales calls are tough and unpredictable.

The idea of picking up a phone and talking with a total stranger is frightening enough already. However, all you need to do is ensure you connect with your prospects on the first call.

Luckily, there is one trick you can use to ensure your calls are successful — intentional silence.

Zipping your lips may sound weird at first, but it’s a proven technique that works miracles. 

Below are the reasons why I’d advise you to use intentional silence when connecting with prospects on the first call.

How else are you going to hear and learn about the other person in order to serve them better?

Creates a Positive Environment for Deeper Listening

Some prospects will openly explain any issues with your offer or challenges in their companies. However, most prospects are hesitant to give negative or honest opinions.

Awkward silence can help you deal with individuals who fall under the second category.

For starters, more talk will not help provoke more information from such individuals. A little silence, on the other hand, will help them to lean into their truth.

It shows them that you are ready to listen and be there as well.

Intentional silence, therefore, creates a conducive environment for deeper listening. 

 Not listening will also cost you relationship after relationship, I promise.


Encourages Deeper Conversations and Cultivates Awareness

Here is a golden rule that most coaches won’t teach you — sales are not about the entrepreneurs and their product or service, but rather about the buyer and his/her company. It’s best to fall silent after asking your question. Let the power of the answer come out!

Doing this allows the people to think about what they are really needing and hearing themselves say it can be powerful enough.

Intentional silence allows the buyer to also lead the conversation. In fact, having deeper conversations ensures both parties get what they need.

Silence will encourage more talk help to cultivate awareness. 

The seller gets to learn about the buyer’s needs and wants. Buyers understand how the seller’s product/service can help solve their problems. It’s a win-win situation for both parties by the end of the conversation.

Helps you Become a Better Communicator

Salespeople (or servant mindsets) make the mistake of filling in gaps whenever the prospect goes silent. Instead of letting the silence persist, we automatically make assumptions. It portrays poor communication skills and makes the whole conversation seem one-sided.

Let us say your friend gets involved in a stressful event. What is the first question you ask? Like most people, you will go with “how are you feeling?” and wait for their response.

It can be rather rude to start insisting on an answer no matter how long it takes your friend to answer.

A good communicator is a good listener, and vice-versa. It will help if you start waiting for an appropriate response before jumping to the next discovery question. Becoming a better communicator will ensure both you and the buyer are on the same page.

Encourages More Learning

There is increased learning in silence because you give the prospect time to comprehend the information.

During your first call, the buyers need to understand why your product/service suits them. Because they are getting this information for the first time, give them space to evaluate your offer.

Pausing before and after highlighting vital points piques the prospect’s interest. It also helps emphasize any principal information you need to share.

Ensure you use this time to catch your breath and think of the succeeding steps to follow.

Learn More Techniques & Tools

With practice, intentional silence can help your business drive deeper relationships and connect with your best clients ever.

However, there are more tools to grow your business. Ensure you sign up for the H2H Growth Accelerator to learn more.

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