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Why is Everyone Flocking to Blab.IM?

Have you blabbed today? If the answer’s yes, then consider yourself part of the latest social media platform that is quietly changing the way we communicate.

Since Blab’s soft launch in April, users have been raving about this live streaming applicationblab that combines the user experience of Google Hangouts with the video-on-demand features of programs such as Spreecast. Even more importantly, the interface is easy to use-allowing live streaming conversations

to take place with just a push of a button.

Blab Basics

Still in the beta stage, you can only access BLAB on your Chrome browser via their homepage ( or by downloading it in the Apple App Store for IOS devices. Unfortunately it is not yet available for Android users.

Blab provides users the chance to take part in real-time conversations with up to four individuals on a variety of searchable topics.  Once you have selected your subject of interest, you will be given a choice to either to join a live Blab (that you can watch right now), or a scheduled Blab that you can connect with at a later date.

When a new video chatter attempts to join the conversation, the moderator can choose to accept or deny entry. While the discussion is taking place, viewers not on camera are able to freely interact with the participants using a side bar.

Best of all? Once the video chat is completed, the moderator can elect to either delete the broadcast or hit record to save it for later viewing.

Future Applications

As you can imagine, social marketers are thrilled to take advantage of this new technology both Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 6.10.36 PMfor its simplicity as well as its intimate video setting.  Because the video participants are limited to just four people-the app really allows brands to fully engage with their fans in fun and relaxed environment.

The site is built around the concept of instant feedback. So viewers can click a hand to showapproval for a statement during the chat. And because anyone can start a Blab conversation-brands can connect with influencers to quickly create a rewarding experience for their audience whenever the opportunity arises.

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Getting Started

Ready to be the next Blab rock star? All it takes to join is to sign up using your Twitter credentials Once you establish your account, you can subscribe to content providers (such as yours truly) that meet your interests.

Looking to create your own Blab? Just click on the large blue button on the top right corner. From there, you choose the topic and category before sending the link to your co-host. Your Blab is ready to go live when there is at least two people conversing on camera.

Key Takeaway

Combining the user-interface of Google Hangout with on-demand recording capabilities, Blab is changing the way we utilize live-streaming applications. The program allows anyone to be a broadcaster by connecting up to four individuals in a video environment. The conversation are able to be recorded for future viewing. The intimate video set up is perfect for brands who looked to fully engage customers in a small group atmosphere.

Want a more in-depth walk through on how to get up and running on BLAB? Download my full graphical eBook below:

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