By Bryan Kramer | #H2HChat

Replay #H2HChat Using Video to Build a Stronger Community From YouTube to Blab

Body Language accounts for over 50% of the way that we communicate. The more technology decreases the need for face-to-face communication the more we miss a vital component of the communication process. If you telework you know full well the feeling of almost being starved for those in-person meetings. Seen in this light it really comes as no surprise the way that live streaming apps such as MeerKat and Periscope have burst upon the social media scene. They satisfy a deep yearning that we all feel for connection. In a sea of content, there is something very special about video.

During this week’s #H2HChat, Bryan and Suzie chat with YouTube legend Misa Voss about the evolution of video within the online space and the ways that it can be utilized for community growth.

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